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  1. well talking about crazy high payouts.... @Faris is the boss. He does crazy stuff like this every week. Even @drmethyl
  2. nah, for real nah, blackjack is to be played manual to be enjoyed
  3. Just contribute to the forum, and you'll see the satoshis flowing into your wallet
  4. Your streams are always fun and they always seem to amuse me with atleast one big win every stream
  5. Home's Comfort + Fast Transactions + Fantastic Aesthetics + Betting Speed..... Therefore Online Crypto Casinos are Addicting
  6. 0 Lmao HAHAHA Well I am broke so, Its good I didnt gamble much
  7. I just idle around and have fun when I dont deposit... I play seriously only with deposits, rains and coupons are just to be all-ined
  8. its just your luck and superstition, its not like seeds are rigged to bust at a certain nonce.... but yeah once you do like 1000 rolls the house edge seems to catch up with you
  9. Its up to you whether you participate or not. You can't complain and ask for consolation prizes.....
  10. low paying, but who can complain.. ITS FREEE MONEEEYY!
  11. My cousin plays for a football (rubgy) team. Hopefully there is a market for that and I can bet on it. It's college football....
  12. Watching a bunch of things.... One Piece, Fairy Tail, The Boys, Bakemonogatari