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  1. Everything you need to do is wager more if you have made good profit and want to withdraw most of them you just withdraw those and then wager with like last 200k or 100k it depends what's your bankroll .. When I make good profits I take most of them and keep some money on Stake after I withdraw the money and I use dice strategy 1.01x payout to wager more so I can take again good mega boosts at the end of the week 😜 And I think if you wager 1 BTC this week then you will take about 100k sats if you're a bronze vip or idk... That's what I heard
  2. Those cannot changed I think this topic has been discussed few times before as much as I have read on forums.. I will try to find it if I have time 😛 P.S: About the topic you started my opinion is to keep those as they are and not change it Ok, for the /rain command maybe would be ok so they can allow us to share our winnings whilst muted / chat banned but I don’t have the same opinion about other commands.
  3. Well BlackJack really pays low and it's highest payout is 2.50x so I think like @Enzo you have to play with higher base bets so you can make profits easier Because playing for a long time and trying to get big profits will just end up busting or make crazy bets using martingale strategy Hmm everything you need is a big bankroll so you can make big profits, it all depends on your bankroll... About your bankroll you said max 200k satoshi I would just bet 5k-20k so I can make good profits in BlackJack but in my opinion with that bankroll I would play keno or some other games where I can get higher payouts with such small base bets and double my balance or get crazy hits
  4. Hmm never tried it but for wagering I use dice and baccarat only. You can use Limbo for wagering too but I don’t prefer it because there are many losses like 0.99x and 1.00x it comes very often and you can bust much money there, but wagering on dice you can change sides left or right so you can take lose rarer than you get on Limbo and I don’t use autobet on dice because wagering only at one side many losses will come and bust same as Limbo Today I saw a guy reached bronze vip so fast he needed only 30% to reach bronze vip and he was wagering on dice his bankroll was about 300-600k sats and his base bet was 25k sats so calculating for 20mins there are 1200 seconds every second = 1 bet so 0.00025 * 1200 = 0.3 BTC which means he wagered 0.3 btc for only 20 mins and he reached bronze vip medal
  5. In my opinion I would prefer xrp as first because it has a higher value and then the second is Dogecoin because I used to play more than the new coin Tron(TRX) and I'm not used with it so that's it. Tron coin has a higher value than Dogecoin and I don't like tron it's not my cryptocurrency haha
  6. Done! I gave 5 stars I love stake that's all :P username: OmeRfrom02 trustpilot: omer02
  7. Hello everyone, it's me OmeRfrom02 again! How's your day going? Hope y'all doing great 😜 - Today I was going home and I was with some old friends of mine (they actually played Stake.com but they left it after a long time) and while walking we saw the casino and we just started discussing about real casinos that we never played on a real casino so we decided to enter the real casino, but in my city real casinos aren't that big like in other countries etc so there was only BlackJack, Roulette, Slots and the Poker games.. I played BlackJack and some Roulette on that real casino I was betting like $5 in BlackJack and made about $35 profit after that I tried betting on roulette $1 on many numbers I was changing them after losing but I busted the profit and didn't play anymore, the other friend was betting like $10 and he made profit $154$ on BlackJack but after watching me bust on Roulette he didn't play haha 😜 Have you ever had any story like this in a real casino or have you ever played on a real casino on your past? @Happy new year everyone!
  8. Well there are many issues with the actual games right now, there are many bugs and glitches on Stake so before releasing any other game, developers team and eddie have to fix those issues first then launch other new features, games, events etc etc.. In my opinion I would really want to see Poker on Stake, some PvP games and have an other design for 2020 like in 2019 stake made Stake 2.0 now they can make it Stake 3.0 with a better look for 2020 :p
  9. Well Stake can’t add all those games for a short time Those games aren’t easy to script for developers as you guys know before releasing a new game developers team and stake staff test the game so there are no bugs-glitches. And scripting all those games would take long time so all we can do is wait and enjoy the games we have in Stake 😜 Developers team have to fix many issues, many bugs/glitches that are already reported and in same time they want to create other games make the casino greater and greater I know many programming languages and it’s not easy to make all those things you want for a short time.. Hmm as I see your dream about Video Slots became true and I hope Stake will release other games too in the near future!
  10. I would really love it to see some other new modern slots machines but I would like Eddie and developers team have their own ideas so those wouldn’t be like others and would be unique so Stake’s casino design and slots would fit with each other. About the other casinos modern slots machines If Stake could add many of them here and make their casino website bigger would bring many new players and get bigger as a casino
  11. There have been many other topics with same discussion about stake mobile app but developers team and stake’s staff is working on it. Well I think web developers won’t script on mobile apps they need mobile app developers that have experience on app developing and it’s not the same programming language so it would be difficult to script, but I hope they will make it 😜
  12. I’m not a big fan of poker games and I’m not good on poker games but I would like to see poker games on Stake it would be fun having challenges, having live tournaments etc etc. Stake is the best casino online and it has such nice designs and many nice features on the site, having the poker games on it would reach next level and I think developers would do their best on scripting the games as always
  13. Well, I didn’t experience those old times but I know how it was I was watching and learning from my friends when they impressed me and I was interested for these features in my beginning but I had no time and I was a bit lazy at the beginning. I was watching my friends making topics, posts and getting some rewards from forum after 1 year when I started gambling again about few months ago I created this forums account and started posting it’s fun and you can pass the time easier than it was 😛 In my opinion for the decreased rewards and other changes Stake did for a short time I think it’s ok so people won’t spam anymore, I’m happy to see this and experience this Good for Stake 😜
  14. Hello stakers, it’s me OmeR again! How’s your day going, any big win? Today I wanted to talk about sportsbetting and it’s bets, matches etc. On my beginning when I started betting on sports I wasn’t a sports-guy who was following the matches, the teams, the team’s points and the leagues etc... I was just betting on a randomly team whatever it was live or not live or maybe just making the bets when I was going to sleep randomly so when I’m sleeping the matches are done and when I wake up I just check the balance if I won or nahh that’s what I was just doing until I started being interested more about the teams the leagues and other things so I can predict better the teams I bet my money.. - What about you guys, did you ever play like me before and do you still play without predicting a game? I was curious about this, please feel free to share your opinion and your past experiences with us merry christmas and good luck on your bets!
  15. Hell yeah I would buy many things from that (first I have in plan to buy a t-shirt with stake logo in it).. But I don’t know if Stake would ship things to North Macedonia and I’m interested in buying those products from them, hope they ship all over the world Maybe this will take some time
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