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  1. Well when I created this account I was unemployed and I had deposited like only 20-25$ at first then I got some profits and I liked Stake and started playing more often.. That time I had applied many CV’s on many companies etc until a company accepted me and from then I am working 6 days and 1 day rest but after work I play everytime after work.. My work finishes at 4:00PM but I get home 5:00PM and then after some rest I usually play Stake on mobile. This week I’ve been bust at work and couldn’t play until today and I made some profit tonight but I busted at the end.. I didn’t play like months and months from last year it’s been like 1 year I didn’t play and then these months I started playing again I created this forum account too That’s my story 😜
  2. Well it takes fees and time that's why I'm saying and as you know minimum withdraw amount for other coins is higher in Stake, for the tips minimum tip amount is higher too than BTC and for forums would be good making this feature too.
  3. Bad Idea wouldn't suggest this. If this feature comes to Stake that would be a disaster haha, everyone would create multi accounts many other alts and abuse that feature asf loans are forbidden on a Casino that's like Stake allowing players take loans from everyone and rules wouldn't exist..
  4. #Hello everyone I started earning now satoshis on forums and while I was checking all the forum for the features and things it has, there were only BTC rewards-satoshis.. I was thinking why doesn't stake make like all their coins here maybe someone would want ethereum in stead of bitcoin earnings. Like a converter and choose what the gambler wants his coin to be sent on his Stake account? Most of the time I play with Ethereum coin and Bitcoin but it would be amazing having that feature 😜 Good luck everyone and share all your opinions with me
  5. Well everyone would pick job and play for their entire life gambling betting low and depositing low amounts on gambling like stake that's it. If I was a millionaire or billionaire of course you would just gamble some money on your free time but not risk all :p PS: for $100K I would never accept that offer :p
  6. Interesting idea, nice! I think it would be crazy and gonna enjoy it if developers make this feature 😛
  7. I would like to have that on plinko didn't experience that time.. Interesting and good idea!
  8. Hello @seanwattson! Welcome to Stake and good luck wish you all the best..
  9. Same here like you guys, I use instant betting only on rollhunts, challenges, etc. I really enjoy playing with animations and take my time without instant betting. If you're not lucky you gonna lose your money on instant betting easily and it sucks.
  10. I never deposited and played all my money I have, I used to depo little amounts and never deposited all my wallet. There are people that lose all their money and then take loans from their friends to recover their losses but there are 50%+ more chances to bust those money too and you gonna be in debt more and more it's a bad thing I never suggest anyone to take loans or give loans maybe some free and helpful tips for players yeah but giving loans nahh
  11. It's actually named gambling when you bet your money and try your luck.. I think sports betting impressed many people in Stake to gamble more their money and it's soo nice
  12. Making big base bets you gonna lose at the end 100% but if you make small base bets and trying to hit a big payout most of the time you gonna catch it and enjoy the game it will take time but you gonna wager more and enjoy the time you play.
  13. Luck is all you need and you have to be calm, quiet and play with small base bets if you gonna make risky bets and allin bets you gonna lose or maybe win but most of the times you bust and get angry with the site because you think it scams you etc etc.. All you need is time to play and make small bets for high multipliers..