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  1. Everything you need to do is wager more if you have made good profit and want to withdraw most of them you just withdraw those and then wager with like last 200k or 100k it depends what's your bankroll .. When I make good profits I take most of them and keep some money on Stake after I withdraw the money and I use dice strategy 1.01x payout to wager more so I can take again good mega boosts at the end of the week 😜 And I think if you wager 1 BTC this week then you will take about 100k sats if you're a bronze vip or idk... That's what I heard
  2. Those cannot changed I think this topic has been discussed few times before as much as I have read on forums.. I will try to find it if I have time 😛 P.S: About the topic you started my opinion is to keep those as they are and not change it Ok, for the /rain command maybe would be ok so they can allow us to share our winnings whilst muted / chat banned but I don’t have the same opinion about other commands.
  3. This was the shortest topic I’ve ever seen haha! P.S: First go and read the forum rules so you won’t get banned 😜 After this if you want to make a topic or comment make it larger I’m telling you this to not get banned from forums And about the new slots games Eddie already announced that developers team and stake staff are working for a new slots game and it’s layout is going to be 3 5 5 5 3. Don’t worry about that for few months they’re going to release it 😜 I think Stake doesn’t need any new coin right now we just got the new coin named Tron (abbreviation: TRX) so it’s new a
  4. Every gambler has experienced that once That happens to me too very often lol I had the chance to withdraw 0.18 BCH profit but I didn’t lol from a 20k BCH I made 0.18 BCH and didn’t withdraw because I wanted to make 0.20 and then withdraw lol There have been many times I did withdraw 2/3 of my money then with the 1/3 of my money I’ve wagered and tried to make more profits from it but Stake just busted me many times and then after busting those money I had to deposit again 1/2 of my withdrawn money after that I lost again so I’m back to my wallet before I had I lost my profit and then deposit
  5. Yeah it happened to me too, but only 2-3 times haha I was playing my internet connection was poor too
  6. Well BlackJack really pays low and it's highest payout is 2.50x so I think like @Enzo you have to play with higher base bets so you can make profits easier Because playing for a long time and trying to get big profits will just end up busting or make crazy bets using martingale strategy Hmm everything you need is a big bankroll so you can make big profits, it all depends on your bankroll... About your bankroll you said max 200k satoshi I would just bet 5k-20k so I can make good profits in BlackJack but in my opinion with that bankroll I would play keno or some other games where I can ge
  7. I don't like them both but Baccarat seems better than Diamond Poker because you can bet wherever you want and it's easier to recover the lost money or make some easy profits Baccarat is used for wagering too that's why it's ok for me 😜 So my choice would be Baccarat!
  8. I'm hoping for ETH LTC and BCH to rise up that's all haha, BTC is ok at some point for me xD About other coins I'm not interested on them and don't use them on my wallet, I play with the other coins on Stake and make some profit then exchange to other coins but don't withdraw it, I'm not used with them :P About BTC I think it is going to reach upto $12-15k again for few months, I feel it !
  9. I've used all my forum rewards until now but you gave me an idea so I can save all those satoshis on my account and then one day I can transfer all those when I need a boost or need help I've earned around 70-90k satoshis until now and have used those on Stake busted all P.S: Thanks!
  10. Cmon mateeee, most of the viewers are real and how much alts can a person create? How much twitch alts can a person create? Here is the answer I'm going to tell you :) He can't create 5 twitch accounts and in same time watch the stream from 5 mobiles, laptops, pcs etc max can be 2 so it's not that unfair because Eddie can prevent those people who do break the rules :) About Stake yeah they can create many alt accounts but here we're speaking about twitch and not stake alts so they have 2 chances to win a giveaway or maybe 3 but cmon who would keep 3 phones, pcs watching on the same time to wi
  11. Hmmm sorry you didn’t mention the decreasing or increasing part it was the guy who replied sorry my mistake! It’s unfair removing nonvips from giveaways because there are innocent people that don’t have alts and have wagered have deposited their money in Stake maybe they don’t play for any achievements or vip etc but want to make some profit so it’s unfair for them they have the right to participate too if they have wagered and deposited some of their money.. No I didn’t withdraw those 200k sats from the giveaway I just used to enjoy the free time on Stake that’s all and have fun wit
  12. Hmm never tried it but for wagering I use dice and baccarat only. You can use Limbo for wagering too but I don’t prefer it because there are many losses like 0.99x and 1.00x it comes very often and you can bust much money there, but wagering on dice you can change sides left or right so you can take lose rarer than you get on Limbo and I don’t use autobet on dice because wagering only at one side many losses will come and bust same as Limbo Today I saw a guy reached bronze vip so fast he needed only 30% to reach bronze vip and he was wagering on dice his bankroll was about 300-600k sats
  13. In my opinion I would prefer xrp as first because it has a higher value and then the second is Dogecoin because I used to play more than the new coin Tron(TRX) and I'm not used with it so that's it. Tron coin has a higher value than Dogecoin and I don't like tron it's not my cryptocurrency haha
  14. I think Stake will make an event for the 15,000,000,000th bet and the 20,000,000,000th bet so one of these two numbers-bets will be I'm sure I didn't notice that we're close to 15,000,000,000th bet haha I don't really check bet ids often 😜
  15. Nice idea! That would be awesome, having some other new keno games on Stake will be litt Those examples given from @Skittelzz are nice I never tried those other types of Keno game in my past but I would really like to experience those I really love this idea!
  16. Nahh that's not true because every new user has to gamble at least $100 to be able to chat, tip, and get full access on his/her account on Stake so at least he will deposit something. About alts there are many different ways to prevent those people and you know that there are more giveaways for vips than for non-vips. About non-vips that don't deposit yes there are many of them but in the other perspective there are many users that deposit and play for some profit and not try to reach bronze vip or other vip medals so don't include all those non-vips in 1 group ;)
  17. I don't agree with your opinion.. It seems unfair for the non-vips viewers and about your idea 350k for vips and 150k for non-vips Eddie is giving about 280k($20) for non-vips and 680k($50) for vips, so it's like you said at some point :P I've won on Eddie's giveaways only once and he gave me 200k sats it's enough for me no need to increase it or decrease the amount xD
  18. Done! I gave 5 stars I love stake that's all :P username: OmeRfrom02 trustpilot: omer02
  19. It’s name is RainBotNG which means Rainbot the New Generation where developers updated the rain-bot system and they made it better so not everyone who’s online not wagering and not chatting will get a rain And they made it better so spammers can’t take any rain only by chatting wow, glhf, nice etc etc short sentences 😛 The system calculates every word of the players if they’re worthy to get the rainbot or not... About the 1st dilema giving many sats to few players it was already on the old generation haha It was fun but anyway Stake knows it better than us 😜
  20. I'm planning for 2020 to reach bronze vip this month on January whenever I got big balance I'm just gonna wager not gonna hunt profits that's all what I want now I will reach bronze vip until last day of January 😜
  21. I wouldn't consider that a good strategy ok sometimes it works but sometimes not... My suggestion is play smart and calm with some small base bets so you won't bust easily I've made from 10-20k upto millions so it's not hard 😜 For wagering there are many strategies playing Baccarat, Dice or Limbo and not by going ALL-IN, I've wagered like 1 ETH betting 500k ETH on Baccarat for like 5 mins, you can do this on dice or limbo too
  22. Hello gamblers! There's an issue while you go to Sports then you tap on your name to go to Provably Fair or Settings then when you go to Provably fair you just need to go to Calculation option where you can change the game from Dice to BlackJack or whatever you want and type something in server seed, client seed, nonce etc whatever it asks you for a calculation of the game and when you paste those infos there you just click on a bet that is shared to sports chat or english chat wherever you are and all those pasted infos you put there they disappear clear from there and then you need to t
  23. Hello gamblers, it's me OmeR again! How's your day going? - Hope y'all doing great 😜 Today I just ignored a person(I don't want to share his name here) about 5-6 hours ago and it was working well after I refreshed the page and after that I had some work I logged out from Stake. But about 5-6 hours later now I logged into my account from my laptop and I still could see him chatting and speaking with me, I was talking to chat and he just tagged me and said something.. I was able to see him chatting and I just checked his profile I had already ignored him and then I just unignored after
  24. Yeah it happened to me, everytime I rain now I just move the other money to vault so I can be safe Thanks for telling others to be aware of this..
  25. Hello everyone, it's me OmeRfrom02 again! How's your day going? Hope y'all doing great 😜 - Today I was going home and I was with some old friends of mine (they actually played Stake.com but they left it after a long time) and while walking we saw the casino and we just started discussing about real casinos that we never played on a real casino so we decided to enter the real casino, but in my city real casinos aren't that big like in other countries etc so there was only BlackJack, Roulette, Slots and the Poker games.. I played BlackJack and some Roulette on that real casino I was b
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