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  1. Please if you write any kind of star please write so, if Messi (football player)
  2. please call if this star write a movie actress or a star of music write a singer or a singer
  3. it was edited now need to write any star with the last letter of the previous post
  4. username: @SashaKarpik link of the topic new member's username: @Alligator links of new member's topics
  5. The year 2017 has become a landmark for bitcoin (Bitcoin). Even those who didn't have any idea what digital currency, ever heard that magic word. It was everywhere — in Newspapers, on TV, on radio, on the Internet. And no wonder: for only 11 months, the bitcoin has risen in price by 20 times (from $900 to $20,000). High demand pushed her higher and higher on cryptomeria queues of those wishing to unprecedented profits. In just one week — from 12 to 17 December — bitcoin lost more than 45% in price. This crushing collapse has shown that the strategy of "buy only" ("buy only") can be not only profitable for traders and investors, but also very ruinous. During the fall of bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have grown. This suggests that crypto investors do not want to leave the market, but simply, depending on the situation, shift from bitcoin to other coins and back. No one wants to part with the opportunity to receive hundreds and thousands of percent of profits. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for a mass outflow of funds from the crypto market to Forex or the stock market. The only question is which of the coins in 2018 will be the most effective object for investment. Will bitcoin be able to hold its leading position or will it be replaced by another cryptocurrency, for example, ether? -So what is waiting for bitcoin in 2018? Buy it? Sell? -Or just forget about these now, such an unstable virtual coins? -I want your opinion on this, what do you think? -Or are the best bitcoin times yet to come?
  6. Всем привет! Эта игра слов правила очень простые!!! Как неоднократно просили сделать в русской ветке, что то похожее как в английской ветке, но здесь будет гораздо лучше чем там!!! Дополнительная мотивация для вас, если сам форум не будет платить за ответы на этой теме, то платить буду я за ваши ответы!!! Эта тема специально для самых ленивых из вас, где не нужно строчить кучу слов, и что то выдумывать ради того чтобы получить на баланс 1к сатох 1 слово (город) 1 к!!! За каждый пост, который вы написали вам будет начисляться 1 балл что будет ровняться 1000 сатоши, а выплата будет производится, если тема наберет минимум 30 ответов!!! Если 1 человек набирает 10 баллов то получает 10 000 сатоши так как минимальный перевод 10 000 сатоши, то есть если набирает меньше 10к то не получает оплату, так что убедитесь в том что вы имеете минимум 10 ответов, чтобы рассчитывать на оплату!!! Все что лишь нужно для участия это написать город на русском языке, на последнюю букву последнего поста в этой теме!!! Если последняя буква будет Ь - Ы или Ъ то нужно написать название города на предпоследнюю букву предыдущего поста!!! Сделаем эту тему живой у вас всего 3 дня чтобы заработать как можно больше здесь!!! Оплату произведу сразу же после завершения этой темы на счета привязанные к вашим аккаунтам на форуме здесь!!! Все результаты со скриншотами оплаты выложу здесь в этой теме!!! Тема будет закрыта утром 14 февраля по Московскому времени!!! Надеюсь вам понравилась эта идея, потому что мало кто делает такие конкурсы для вас!!! Я начну первым со своего родного города (Чебоксары) Писать город, область и страну или описание города и приложить фото города или исторического места города !!! ОЧЕНЬ ВАЖНО!!!
  7. I fixed the theme now can any stars and sports and music and movies in English letters please
  8. Hello everyone!!! Make this topic alive!!! We will have a simple but fun game ! Here you will have the opportunity to test themselves in the knowledge of the main characters. If you are in doubt or you think it is too complicated you can ask for hints! All you need to do is to post a star with the last word of the previous post. For example, I start first (Raul) you will need to write a star athlete with the last letter of the previous post (Leonid Agutin) DDD. Will be interesting if you will insert an image of a star, it won't take much time and make this post more interesting for all !!! There are many stars if it is not too famous person then it is better to provide evidence that it exists as a picture !!! At the end of the word on the letter, which can not come up with a new word - this letter is ignored and the previous letters are used to create the word!!! You should write the name of the stars as it used to call for example, if (Messi is only one word that Cristiano Ronaldo already has a 2 word name) The most interesting is waiting for you at the end of the last post!!! Whose post will be the last he will receive from me 50 K before closing this topic !!! if the post gain at least 30 responses the prize will be paid 50 K last post!!! Whose post will be the last you will receive from me a nice bonus of 50 K!!! Please if you write any kind of star please write so, if Messi (football player) The topic will be closed February 14 morning, Moscow time !!! I'm starting the first (of Francesco Totti)
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  10. preferably more posts without editing)
  11. Now, when the film has reached almost the highest stage of development, there is a lot of new movies. They are all different and each one has its own meaning. There are many books which shoot good films. My favorite movie is the Matrix and Lord of the rings. These movies at the moment consists of 3 parts and 6 parts. I think this movie is interesting not only to me, because he's fantastic with mysticism. And some boring gray days, and to at least a little to dilute people watching movies (preferably horror or fantasy). In this picture I have my favorite moments. When Neo in part 3 says "wait, something changed I can feel it" and after these words I, too, begin to feel them)) And in the hobbit and the Lord of the rings I like adventure and travel in which they are immersed is very interesting and lots of cool graphics ! I love colorful movies shot with style ! -What movies do you watch? -What genre do you like? -What can you tell us about your favorite movies? -Do you have time to visit cinemas? -Which movie are you looking forward to? -whether you love to watch movies before bed ? -Your favorite moments from the films, and can be any memorable phrase? -What can you recommend to see ? How to choose a genre movie? share your experiences about your best movies in this post!!! I want to know your preferences and what you can recommend me!!! Share your answers with each other-maybe that someone will be useful here!!!
  12. Hilo:188,824,850 @chrisconn63
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