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  1. забей удача не знает о твоем существовании)
  2. Looking for Russian Streamer

    I'm going to start doing this in December when I solve some problems with communication! I have gained some audience! today I'm going to do the first test stream ! to check
  3. Скрытые типсы

    Я походу единственный кто скрыто типает на свой ак)
  4. Ты отличный поставщик добротного говна) сайт даже не открывается)
  5. Это же Онека) молодой еще парняга 19 лет всего ему можно в сказки верить)
  6. Бабки выведи сначала от туда, потом рекомендуй, не не толкай фуфло!
  7. 4412830.00x Payout

    Incredible luck happened to him! amazing event!
  8. A never ending thread (last post wins)

    why do I need to create a pointless post
  9. Omega

    your % will grow until you pay all
  10. Omega

    if you need more proof I have it ! Omega took out a loan for 200k for 48 hours at 15 % but it's been 6 days and he ignore the messages
  11. Introducing Pay per Post!

    we communicate more and share your opinions friends!
  12. End of year bitcoin prediction!?

    I think he will be around 8200-8700$ by the end of this year!
  13. Hello

    Hi @Darko ! Great guy! a lot of times have to communicate with you and I too have experience more than 14 years ... Nice to chat with you my friend)
  14. Hello Everyone

    Welcome !