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  1. Or just, you know, maybe stick with opening 1 tab and clicking the button again? Muppet
  2. SGrocott Steve My name is also Steve
  3. SGrocott Happy Birthday guys, keep it up
  4. Ah, didn't know that. I wasn't asking for it to be reinstated, it just seemed a bit authoritarian. My desired outcome I guess would be for Stake to reconsider its marketing policy in regard to streamers and promoting responsible gambling, or to at least encourage a discussion debating the merits of the current practices, but both seem unlikely. My worry is that Stake will run into trouble with entering the UK market but I guess it's not really my problem. I guess we'll leave it there
  5. How can I be "hiding my real identity" on a purpose-built platform for anonymous, verification-free crypto gambling? Also, the use of alts is not against Stake ToC. Many players have them. Stake is a fantastic platform and I have never discouraged anybody from using it. You reached that conclusion by yourself because I criticised the use of marketing via affiliation with fake-money streamers. For a guy who insists on being provided "irrefutable evidence that could be presented in court & stand up against cross-examination" in order to reach his conclusions, you've managed to jump to three conclusions right off the bat and we haven't even gotten to the part about the fake-money streaming. There is plenty of evidence that this taking place. Streamers have been caught out on numerous occasions. Google it. Applying common sense to a decision tree goes a long way. This guy does a far better job than I'm able to at explaining what is going on and why it isn't okay. The second contains numerous examples of streamers and casinos exposing themselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0ai6BXhnI0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q6Ciz3HAo4 Edit: Also, Eddie has even said on stream that certain influencers are given money to stream with on the site. He has also explained that they are removed from the big races an hour before the end in the interest of fairness to regular customers. Again, use a little logic as to why they would have to do that from a regulatory perspective. Again, I'm not saying that Stake=Bad. Stake is by far my favourite online casino. I want to see Stake succeed and it is my opinion that working with these influencers is bad for Stake's good name and long-term reputation.
  6. Stake was built on the principles of fairness and transparency. I find it disheartening to see Stake building partnerships with known fake-money casino streamers. I feel that working with individuals like Roshstein, who have been proven time and time again to be using "fake" balances, is damaging to Stake's long-term image and reputation. Sooner or later, the powers that be will clamp down on this practice. We've already seen Twitch get banned in Slovakia and I can't see it being too much longer until other countries follow suit if unrealistic and irresponsible gambling continues to be broadcasted on the platform. I'd like to see Stake get ahead of the curve on this. You can't say that you advocate for "Responsible gambling" while at the same time funding streamers to do $50k bonus buys on the way to punting off 6-figure balances, all while pretending it's their own money. Stake appears to be moving in the right direction in terms of entering into the regulated markets, of the UK for example. No UKGC regulated casino would touch those streamers with a barge pole. Look at the fines companies like Bet365 have had to shell out for misleading practices and decide whether it's really worth it. My alt got permanently muted without even a warning for talking about this in chat so perhaps a better discussion might be had over here on the forum. Or is this just something that Stake will continue to sweep under the rug by muting/banning users who bring it up?
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