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  1. DICE: 14,297,142,990 placed by wwcdback on 10/01/2020 Wagered 356.00000000 Multiplier 12x Profit 3916.00000000
  2. Man people bitch about a 9 to 5 job lol.....I have to wake up at 4am, leave the house at 5am to be at work 6am-6pm. Anyways, tbh this is a terrible idea...you will bust, then what? That 9 to 5 aint going to bust.... I get you want to quit your job, your first goal should be this- Make a one year salary gambling first! Next step is make 2 years. If you make 10 Years salary then you are def the GOAT.....But it wont happen. Keep chasing that rabbit.
  3. Are you seriously crying over 4500 doge coin? Hell i lost $500 today but im not ranting about it. I came here to gamble, so did you right? When you gamble there is a chance you can bust lol, i mean if not, we all be rich.
  4. All the things stake does for us , no complaining needed. Deposit some funds if you really need to play
  5. I look forward to it. I like the thrill of any competition. wwcdback.
  6. Having a heart attack while winning too much...... And: My power going off or something on a huge increase on loss bet thus having to reset the entire gameplay-session.
  7. Doge gives us some wiggle room. I do like the XRP though as well.
  8. I always just test with small amounts to see what payout works best.
  9. I never have hit that, nice hit!
  10. wwcdback


    welcome to the forums
  11. I have the samsung s10, i played on mobile a few times. I prefer playing on my PC with my 32 inch screen.