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  1. Gambling to recover losses is often applied BECAUSE people has the urge of having those back, it's not a sign of greediness, it's a way for themselves to feel the need of returning to the original amount, and from there trying to go up.
  2. I'll stop gambling when I will feel satisfied, which is, in this case, a requirement not yet fullfilled, not in all these years. Keep going, keep dreaming.
  3. I know you as Bm so i keep forgetting your nick @Bigmann23, anyway yes, money may rule the world, but friendship relies on other factors
  4. Very proud of you, as a risky mine gambler myself, I would be totally happy to see it happen.
  5. Let's say this straight. Most of the times, if I feel it in my bones, it will come out as a success. Any game I prefer, success. That doesn't mean I never fail. I'm glad I can make it happen from time to time for me or for my friends(with my resources and not asking them), so, I feel pretty satisfied with how well if I don't get greedy can be. My most beautiful story is been 6k sat on chartbet and slowly won 0.04 btc with it. Lately I'm being greedy BUT I will refrain my horses soon.
  6. I agree, sometimes I'm so happy to see it goes to my goal, then it just goes over it and then boom what? 0.99x
  7. I would like a shirt, a deck and some stickers to attach it to the computer OR my car. Thanks, oh a plushie gary? pls!
  8. Actually yes, I have a couple of good friends on stake, like Kdub, @ThugStream, @Shinjo, @Micro, @singpays @bmg and others I established a very good relationship with them and I'm really proud to know them, and no it doesnt revolve necessarily on money BUT on trust.
  9. Hello, I've been an alpha tester of stake and I loved the idea of a revolutionary casino without the use of flash was involved, and I still love it's expanding slowly, but more often I love the fact the allow me to stream it when I'm winning something.
  10. These are my latest style I use for any kind of roulette available online, it usually works in long term
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/faneagle/ Revenge from GodLoft with love.
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/faneagle/ Let's have some fun...revenge time.
  13. ❤️ thank u guys for the support ❤️
  14. After the lunch break im back to win guys. link on first post.