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  1. It`s very good to see so positive changes on service. Good luck to you, guys!
  2. i will lay on the beach and smoke drugs. Thx stake for this chance. Because i have no money in real. But i can earn it on stake.
  3. Man... Don`t try this sh*t. It will come with knife to you and you lose all your money.
  4. I have not used that coins. But my friend said that they are very good
  5. The future of cryptocurrencies After the rapid growth of interest in cryptocurrency in 2014-17, today it has fallen sharply.
  6. Согласен. Данная тематика уже не приносит прибыли в общем.
  7. Это символы из библии по рандомным страницам
  8. Предполагаю что желтый топ. Желтый и синий