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  1. Neox1337

    XRP vs Plinko

    I have never won something big on plinko, because it easily take your balance off. My luckiest hit was x2 in over 50 games 😆😆
  2. Hi stakers, All of us knows the game dice. Everybody use their tactics to get profit but in some cases they loses all. I'm interested how much money you from dice and what tactics it was
  3. Neox1337


    Enjoy the forum dude. Welcome!
  4. Neox1337


    Hi there, loopoo. Welcome to the forum, hope you will enjoy chatting here
  5. In dice I use the most famous strategy like. 50%, in rip case up on 100%. It goes nice if u bet a low amount of money, but it takes a lot of time.
  6. I only plays in line version, cause I don't like the circle one. The line it's more easier to look for process of getting yr money. Good luck all)
  7. I'm trying a lot of tactics to get money, but sometimes it goes rip almost till the end
  8. It's really my favorite game because u can get a lot of money if you'll have good scheme to earn and a lot of time to wait
  9. U can buy predictions on sports at shops of good analyzators
  10. I saw that smb wins huge amounts but I don't believe that miracle will happen with me. The only thing I will get is to lose over 10 times in row on dice with 50 %
  11. I know that somebody says it's going to increase over 1 million$ till the end of the year
  12. We are already able to reset bet, so we don't need that function
  13. I can't understand how u guys gettin that hits, cause I always losing under 10x xd(
  14. I all-ined once on dice but lost, so I got 14 loses in row
  15. Real casino is more dangerous, cause there are sometimes happens burglary and it takes a lot of lifes. And betting in stake is more relaxible)