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  1. Hope you will enjoy our great community. Welcome!
  2. Man, every big win is a kind of luck, even if it's only x2 multiplier, it's also luck. Congratulations)!
  3. Someone talks about 1 million $ in 2020 but I can't believe in that cause the price of btc is always going down nowadays
  4. When faucet was on the stake website I turned it to 200k sats and was able to withdraw it, but I just lost it in one night
  5. Any of this two options can lose your balance, but I think trading is more profitable, u can decide what to do : to keep it or to swap it aon another currency
  6. In some cases you can think that it's a crazy thing, cause the price of it is always unstable. Despite that fact, more and more people are using that, so I think it will be our future
  7. I only buy it when I have to deposit to stake. I think it's dangerous to keep it on your balance, it can fall down at any time
  8. If I will ever win a big amount of money, I will withdraw it as fast as possible, but I will left a bit of balance to make it another time
  9. I don't really like plinko, cause it has so small chances to win something I always losing there small amount of balance, cause I know when to stop
  10. Dude he had already won 3,3 thousands euro in keno so I think it's not such a big lose for him
  11. Earlier I had experience in betting, it was always football, but when I have ran out of money I finished my betting for nowadays. In my point of view, football is the strangest sport which can turn wonderly, especially French, Spanish and English leagues
  12. I think I will never be like him, cause my biggest wager was 14k sats x2 and I lost it like 14th lose in a row
  13. Oh my God... I thought my 14 loses in a row x2 it's a big unluck, but you guys are so unlucky
  14. It's so strange things going here loopoo. Anyway, you have nice profit. Good luck next time bruh
  15. Try to make martingale with small bet, live it for a night on automate, and you will also get profit on it. 100 Satoshi if bank is higher than 300 000 Satoshi