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  1. Of course it is very important. But here still depends on the most luck.
  2. No I won't. It's so temporary. It is not profitable to do this all your life. Every day is like every new fear and risk when betting on the game. And every day such to experience...
  3. It all depends on the random. Luck also plays a good role but everyone has the same chances of winning. If you lose and drain all your balance then personally I will stop playing this game.
  4. Bitcoin of course. He is the best and most popular. It's easier to use.
  5. Do not have 100 rubles and have 100 friends. This is a Russian proverb sometimes justify their actions. Having friends is a good thing, of course. The only question is how many friends will help you in a difficult moment.
  6. I was addicted to sitting here. But then again I thought why am I sitting here. In end began in another game play. This one stopped making me a profit, a waste and a loss.
  7. For the free distribution of special thanks. The live broadcast was very fun and amusing.
  8. I hope this bet was successful. Small or not, I still don't want to lose her.
  9. Voted for the that need to. I hope I chose the right decision.
  10. Sometimes I go there to play. But particularly not pulling me there, almost not interestingly there. But with boredom all goes.
  11. Yes, this is often the case. In the morning I get up sit down at the computer and rushed. And in the evening, too, when I turn off, too, there.
  12. I always play with the sound off. He prevents me listen to music, to the same very loud sounds.
  13. Every time I would do against my national team. If the coefficient would have been lower than my team.
  14. Luck when you won with 5$ on 100$ - here is this is called luck ( in really simple explanation).