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  1. Voted for the that need to. I hope I chose the right decision.
  2. I always play with the sound off. He prevents me listen to music, to the same very loud sounds.
  3. From class 10 it was possible to do this. But those who have reached the age of 16 years. But not before. Because the theme of ideas easily, but everyone will be able to perceive as humor.
  4. This is a single case of victory. Just a lot of luck to you and no more. And this rarely happens to win was $ 800.
  5. Well, Yes, mostly people come in for fun and ordinary entertainment. Of course, you also need to believe in luck, as many do. And the fact that we can lose the balance at any time is understandable for sure.
  6. Luck of course. Here Rand is all about, and no matter what kind of a master in this field.
  7. Congratulations to all the winners on winning!
  8. If the site is trusted and besides a large rating then Yes you can trust. But if you are not familiar with these actions something suspicious then it's probably a hoax and believe it is impossible.
  9. I'll keep playing. But catch a moment and stop, so as not to get completely lost all. Casino-it is, you can become a millionaire and a couple of seconds to become a beggar.
  10. I think my favorite movie is "the Avengers: the Finale" - it is a lot of plot events that are very interesting to watch.
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