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  1. 10m is good. Problem is the amount is low. If you gets 100k sat. For 10m claim you ain't complain then. Tho whatever amount we get depends on level and previous week/month wager. And yes 10m is good. Like I have something to play for. Whenever I want. Instead of waiting a whole day. You don't need to claim every minute if you can't. Just claim and play whenever you can dont take much stress
  2. 8 casino:29025294099 27 casino:29025280829 13 casino:29025308763 33 casino:29025345118
  3. Yes, stake 3 working way more lag free. Mobile freindly, smoothly I can play all live slots without any restrictions. Hope soon more updates. More surprieses that's what stake do:))
  4. The worst thing? Of course lossing our money. Ages ago here somehow I managed to make 0.1 to 0.8 btc in 6-7 hours if I'm right. I was looking for exchanges and all so I can sell all those btc to my currency. But then something haopend I lgined back and play the noob strategy somehow devils arrive and I losted thsoe whole 0.8 btc bankroll in 50 bets that was the worst moment. Well good things bad things happens in life. That what life is all about.
  5. Yes you are right mate. I was using Samsung phone was very laggy. Can't do multiple stuff with that like if we enabled our 2fa for Account their is no way to login back becouse every single time you switch window and swtich back to site it will refresh So now im free bought a nice phone with my hard earning. No lag nuffin free life lol
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