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  1. So far I hit it 50x payout and I will tell you what was happens Well I played with 200k sat. Going loss and loss, lefted some 10k sat. After 1.2k bets it's finally hit it I ain't got any profit but love to try Dainmond poker game !
  2. Hi all, Howz yall!! A discussion for how we can participate in stake challenges as we are ( many one ) are new in forum ! Do you wanna share any idea any kind strategy would helpful for me and for others as well ! Someof rules I know is - Minimuj basebet it's depends on challenge ! So everyone you wanna join challenge you must check their what's the mini bb before playing any challenges !! 2nd you must have 10+ sometimes 50+ posts counts in your account ! 3rd is you should use multi forum at same ! Don't even try it they know everything will gonna ban you for future promotions aswell !! Well if I left any more rules please tell below as well - Give us any good strategy for challenges well their is any Strategy for that ? Or you can give your stories like how you won your challenges so far ! So it's surely motivation for me and for New comers aswell At last Stay safe & healthy ❤️