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  1. What type of player are you?

    11. The Standby always chat and see who online ,lol
  2. #1 Jackpot Giveaway

    go ahead xD~thankyou ticket~~i feel it is my lucky ticket<3
  3. ThE BesT BTCFaucet~~From start until now

    i have hit jacpot 0.01 few times~, but really head to hit= = just lucky that time~~
  4. Anyone Entering High Five Main Event?

    Whats that?
  5. Best Way To Earn BTC

    https://freebitco.in/?r=2177699 it's my favourite site
  6. it's have faucet, also have lotty i have hit lotty once before, can play with bonus also https://freebitco.in/?r=2177699
  7. Franchico03 Stream WITH GIVEAWAYS

    oh.....>__< finished??i miss it
  8. An old but working strat!

    Enough balance->enough luck -> you know how to stop auto much guys play autobot but always forget how to stop
  9. What is your best strategy in dice?

    14.14x 8.5%on loss
  10. Auto Bet Dice Strategy

    Can try , have not do this before
  11. Hit 9900x with bet 50

    How long you bet it:-/
  12. I have invest bitcoin from about 2000usd/per bitcoin
  13. really? if you don't know it's good for you
  14. The advantages of bitcoin are also its disadvantages depending on the current situation of the market. Here are some of disadvantages of using bitcoin today: 1. The volatility of bitcoin is a double-edged sword, very unpredictable in its price and might result to a profit/loss on an individual; 2. Its limited supply of 21 million in the market; 3. Some counties ban the usage of bitcoin, resulting to a decrease on potential investors; 4. There are many external factors that can affect its price like the banning of ICOs in China; and 5. Its decentralized nature makes it as a perfect medium under the dark web for illegal transactions. Those are some of my opinions regarding its disadvantages but the advantages of using bitcoin in the community supersede all of those what I stated. There may be some drawbacks from transacting bitcoin but let us not forget its endless opportunities in the community.