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  1. what is happening? I have a similar problem that I never had. I hope our balance will not be lost and everything will be alright.
  2. I am using one great alternative for Gmail and it is called Tutanova email. Today I received one email in my Tutanova account, with this content, asking me to 'update' First thing you should do when you receive email from anyone is DOUBLE CHECK his email address and not just his name. Here we can see that name is fake Tutanova Team, and real email address is rhody.ezekiel.... That is first Red Flag. You should never click any links i your email (example is Resolve Issue Now) and never download any attachments When I hover over that blue field, it can show me short link scammer is using /they often use this tactics to steal your data and crypto) You should NEVER visit this links. This is where links is directing next FAKE Tutanova website, asking you to enter your details, email and passoword. Always double check Address bar, and you can see some random web address. NEVER enter any details. They are using same tactics for Gmail, and all crypto Phishing websites, like fake Ethereum and other coins Airdrops. If you learned this now, you can apply to any similar situation in future. Stay Safe, HEX
  3. CoreWeave is the largest Ethereum miner based on GPU's. They've recently begun using 6000 of their GPUs into working for corona-virus research through redirecting them to Stanfords University Folding@home project. Folding@home can be accessed by anyone and share his CPU/GPU power, thus creating the accumulated computative power of a supercomputer, to help in research for various science fields. On 27th February Folding@home unveiled a wave of projects that have the goal to develop pharmaceutical drugs that fight coronavirus. The accumulated hashpower in these projects aim to help speed up COVID-19 efforts, by posting all results and datasets available on their gihub repository. (https://github.com/FoldingAtHome/coronavirus) Anyone can help by downloading the folding@home software and sparing their idle CPU/GPU power: https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/ Updates on folding@home research: https://foldingathome.org/2020/03/10/covid19-update/ Sources from news: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2020/03/ether-miner-redirects-6000-gpus-to-help-fight-coronavirus-outbreak/ https://www.coindesk.com/thousands-of-these-computers-were-mining-cryptocurrency-now-theyre-working-on-coronavirus-research
  4. Hello my friends. Sometimes you get some tokens from an Airdrops or bounty and it is sent to MyEtherwallet, but when you enter your wallet you do not find this code present !! what is the reason?The reason is that it must be manually added to MyEtherwallet. So how do we do this? Let us follow the explanation: Let us take a practical example We want to add the HTX token, we take the steps as shown in the picture: 1 - Token address: 0xedbcc06b603ea1f512720a4073a62cc4fdefcb86 2 - Token Symbol: HTX 3 - Decimals: 0
  5. Anyone who wants to make sure profits in this coming period should not take advantage of the opportunity now as long as the Bitcoin digital currency trades at the highest price of $ 5500, it may target the levels of $ 6234. During yesterday's trading from the levels of $ 5470 and continued to decline until the prices of $ 4991, and with these prices in contact, purchasing power interfered and bitcoin rose towards the 5600 levels it achieved this morning What I want to say is that it is proven that in the coming days he tried to be a beard despite his intention to buy Good luck
  6. Basically, 21 million were chosen to make calculations simpler. 21 is also a triangle number which makes it very interesting. For example, if you stack 6 blocks on 5 blocks on 4 blocks, and so on. You can make an equilateral triangle with a total of 21 blocks. Another reason for this 21 million statute was once archived by Satoshi, the inventor of the first Bitcoin. He gave a message calling this a difficult choice because if the network was locked, we would be stuck with it. The following is Satoshi's complete statement. "If you imagine, this is used for a small part of world trade, then there will only be 21 million coins for the whole world, this will make it more valuable per unit. The value is a 64-but integer with 8 decimal places, so 1 coin is represented internally as 100000000. There are many details if the typical price becomes small. For example, if 0,0001 is worth 1 Euro, then maybe it will be easier to change where the decimal point will be displayed. So, if you have 1 Bitcoin now, it will be displayed as 1000, and 0.001 will be displayed as 1, "Satoshi noted.
  7. Good morning, wonderful forum members I have a slightly crazy idea, what if the Corona virus and the global crisis that afflicted the world came to the benefit of those who work in encryption, of course your question will be, how does this happen? Or what is this girl talking about? I will tell you: Now that all people in their homes do not come out except for necessity, the Korna virus caused them to clean everything, everything completely, and among those things is money, because according to studies they found that cash money is the most things that carry germs and microbes, and for this I said that I have an idea Crazy to become electronic money is circulating very soon. Welcome all responses.
  8. I need buy a new android smartphone.which phone is best for gaming browsing and long life service.suggested me some low price phone
  9. I have talked about MultiSig wallet but did not talk about hardware wallets. One of the most secure wallet type is hardware wallets. It needs an investment to keep your coins safe. You can not just have all your coins in a web wallet or in exchange. Risk is higher. In the web wallets you can have a small amount of Bitcoin like you keep in your pocket money bag. You just do not keep everything in there. The Bank is for that. So, consider a hardware wallet as your Bank if you really need to use a mobile or online wallet. Anyway, there are a lot of Hardware wallets in the current market and I would like to list them here so that forum members can find a place to check the wallets when they are in need to buy one. Ledger Nano S : I personally have one Ledger Nano X Trezor One Trezor T : I heard a lot of good thing about them KeepKey There are many more which I can not remember. Feel free to suggest me in the post. Here is a short comparison between these wallets to help you.
  10. In my opinion a big investment is needed. If you don't have money it's hard to raise your money by 5%. I think the fibonachi method is a good way to increase your investment if you are lucky
  11. In my opinion most quality videos have pornhub site. Also a good site is xvideo. I think most users have a pornhub site. I am not a user of porn sites. : D
  12. There is an economic crisis in the world. Also, the Corona virus has a negative impact on cryptocurrencies. This is all the beginning. I think the price of bitcoin will soon be $ 3500. The strongest support level is at $ 3800 bitcoin. I do not know what will happen in the future but another year will be the crisis
  13. The world is in crisis oil price has fallen ruble has problems also dropped all cryptocurrency prices. This is all very bad. I think bitcoin will recover lost value after 1 year
  14. Our target is to making profit in gambling most of the time. But we can't mange to do it always. We bust our coin with unexpected game. So when you can't win or get greens as you expected do you feel worst? Or take it as normal. Cause it has to happen as we can't win always. You become happy during win or even with loss?
  15. Hello guys, I'm going to share this news because this is also quite influential for the rise and fall of bitcoin prices, So the United Nations moved away from the crypto conference which will be held in Korea and will provide witnesses for countries desperate to attend. I myself am of the opinion that this is quite reasonable because recently there was a case in America that ensnared an eth coin developer and maybe this would be prolonged because right now the United Nations will provide witnesses for every country that attends. this could be a news that makes the price of bitcoin will go down again how do you respond to this news? source https://cointelegraph.com/news/united-nations-says-stay-away-from-north-korean-crypto-conference