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  1. Working at home is a priority for me. While working at home I save a lot of time. Also the most important thing is that you are free.
  2. I tried the game with Fibonacci's algorithm but still lost everything . Good luck to everyone
  3. I agree you are 100% right. I would also add LTC's Libra is nothing. In my opinion it has no prospect.
  4. The creator of Bitcoin must have a system key. We already know 5 Bitcoin creators . In my opinion this would be a fake article.
  5. In my opinion such an increase in price is an anomaly. I have a question why should 1 Bitcoin be worth $ 500,000? Of course there is no reason and no answer. Bitcoin has become a bubble which is bad. Also a big problem is the tether. The cryptocurrency bomb is tether
  6. Unfortunately this fact will definitely affect the price of Bitcoin. The price of bitcoin is $ 7992 per second. I don't know if i'm wrong but i don't like tether very much
  7. Hello thanks for sharing the information. Are all sites paying? And can you add a new FAUCET?
  8. 1. 3 pieces of energy drink 2. Creatine and banana cocktail 3. Large size snickers 2 pcs 4. 1 cup cappuccino
  9. Welcome to stake and good luck
  10. Coinbase works well if your account is verified. Always use a cold wallet so your money will be safer
  11. Bitcoin of course . I lost 40,000 Doge yesterday.
  12. Are you using an emulator? Subscribe to the channel I wish you good luck . The quality is a bit low but you will get better in the future
  13. LFS - live for speed, Minecraft
  14. Swimming and jogging are most useful . All sports are good if you are healthy