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  1. I never tried playing Mines with such high risk of losing though my highest win was 27x. When I play games I always prefer to go on the safest side to enjoy my time here longer and to avoid sudden adrenaline rushes on manual when rolls aren't stacking to my side. For me, high risk payouts actually contribute to faster busts and more rage bettings (example, re-deposits to chase a payout because one may think "it is coming soon" which is incorrect- Gambler's Fallacy).
  2. This game is just like Keno in reverse. No strategies here- just pure luck and intuition thus, making the game easiest to play but definitely NOT the easiest to win. This is good for those who seek to win only because of pure chance and not with math (Roulette, Limbo, Crash, Blackjack and Dice begs to differ as there applicable betting systems for it while other games not mentioned can go for rehashed Martingales).
  3. I would actually point this out as well. But still, for the benefit of the post, I don't know. Who knows what I am going to do on that day? I am not really interested with the coupon but I am mildly interested about the new game so I could just play the game with zero balance, play the coupon on other games or play it on the game but only whenever I want to. It isn't as if those coupon coins have special marks on it that they are the ones that the coupon will only accept.
  4. Absolutely not. Even the prize isn't sometimes worth it. The higher the wager you make per bet, the painful the edge affects you in a sense that 1% of "something huge" that you try to bet (with, for example, 1.0102x at Max Bet) will still be huge compared to what and how you normally bet without the race. Race, as I can see it, are only being pursued by those who are thrill-seekers, ready to burn the coins for prestige and glory achieving the top spot and doesn't care for the prize at all (because for all we know, the higher their places, the more their losses would have already probably incurred to the point that the prize can no longer offset their busts).
  5. I would never rely on something that has a basis that we never really know how it is calculated that is why I only care so less if it will ever come or not. I will just be grateful if I will ever receive one. I'll be fine without it. I'd rather deposit and focus playing with the total accumulated balance I would have. PS: Stake is already very generous enough with the freebies and rewards. Coupons are just a massive plus on top of all of those. Let's just be grateful. With these kinds of threads it actually looks like you guys are just here to "abuse" what they give.
  6. If I will have one, like I said on a thread similar to this, I will just save it. It would be nice to see a mountain of coins under my gaming desk as I try to move a lot on it, back and forth, from my pocket without knowing after a certain amount of time. It could also be a form of nice "savings to cash out" through some degree if you have just realized that you have one as you are reading my reply.
  7. Here are good tips for you who cannot stop yourselves in a hellish spiral of conceit thinking you could recover: 1. Before you deposit, make sure you can afford what you are going to lose. 2. Before you press the "Bet" button, make sure you are here to enjoy and have fun as you win several bets and NOT to make money. Casino is for entertainment, not for money-making enterprise. 3. When you lose your bankroll, NEVER re-deposit. At that point, the chance of losing more has already been far greater than your chance of winning. Unless you want to keep on regretting later on and blow your mind, go ahead and ride your crazed rationalé.
  8. I can secure them indefinitely. As the game says- "Play smarter." Do the same- run when you reach the minimum, leave a bit to continue playing and never look back if the remains have been lost in the wind. Gambler's Conceit (healthy read on Google) plays a lot of part here as to why one cannot simply quit while ahead so I actually find the topic sensible with "how long" instead of "how much". When you are winning you may only stop for a while but because of the former you will surely return. When you are losing the profit (or even your bankroll) you will not stop because you will begin to chase losses. Any direction your balance is going is on an endless spiral until either your balance breaks down or your mind breaks down (due to cortisol).
  9. I am not even sure why should we wait for this if we have capabilities of just simply depositing in order to play. It is as if it sounds to me that the question is being portrayed to as - "When can we 'abuse' the coupons?" Brutally honest words here. I know it is a privilege of those who got VIP but come on people, this game does not give away "free lunch" that easily or lightly. This is a business not a charity so even though one may be entitled to get one, you must not demand for anything as you command most especially if you are no longer depositing after you got your stars anyway.
  10. This topic is like just a rehash of other similar topics being posted about slots. Not being too grumpy but can we guys just actually wait patiently? I agree to Josh when he told everyone that for every single moment that we ask for this, it is more becoming apparent that most people who has been asking this are not actually excited about the game but more excited about the "free money" (a.k.a. "coupons). The mods, supports and developers can surely read these and all of our chats in-game. They have given no ETA for everyone to play it. It is as if you are slapping mud to their faces saying that they aren't doing their job. They are devoting more time on the game to fix bugs, add improvements and to avoid Hufflepuffs. If the game fails, not only just this gaming site but also we will suffer.
  11. It is more about researching who are the participants at a certain degree plus luck. Of course, anything can happen within a game you bet like your team's star player gets injured, etc. but it is always good to know who are those people that will hold the fate of your money.
  12. Aiza824

    Plinko during sex

    Unbelievable. I mean, isn't this supposed to be in "Controversial" thread? Lol anyway, I'll still answer your question. I will never do this. They are just simply in two different avenues for me that cannot ever be entwined. I read the article and I would agree to that because sex gives endorphins and adrenaline. Gambling also gives endorphins when you are in the heat while adrenaline + cortisol when you are sliding down (a.k.a. "nearing bust).
  13. I already posted this reply to a similar topic by you as well a while ago, but I'll add up a bit. Talking about gambling plus philosophy just don't really add up, and never will. Plus, this community is very diverse and you will easily trigger people who does not adhere to those kinds of philosophy of omnipotence and omniscience. If you will still take my opinion with neutrality, no because there is no "god" in gambling, even if there is one that is existing because "god" and "gambling" is simply an oxymoron.
  14. It is actually the inverse. If you cannot trust yourself as you bet (or even in any other things outside this gambling matter) why would you even trust a gambler? A gambler, in the first place, is already doing wrong. If you cannot trust yourself and you are aware that it is wrong for you, why would you even trust a person that's already doing wrong?
  15. Correlation is not causation. I find this thing funny- I wonder how have you been even able to connect this thing to gambling? Lol nevertheless, taking your point on context, no unless the temperature we are talking about causes something more serious such as fever or other illness. If the latter is true, stop playing.