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  1. Disclaimer: Names have been intentionally removed in this narrative in order to avoid further conflicts. The issue being tackled below has already been resolved through my own initiative of keeping my distance away from the involved parties. I seek no more resolution, action or reconciliation beyond this point and this narrative is only for the sole purpose having an entry for this event. TRUST. I had a tragic, yet a story that made me realize a lot of things about trusting people. Let my story be a lesson to the rest as well who have been taking this site too seriously. I won't post anything about bets here, because I joined Stake, I never thought of gambling but only to make friends and to expand my social circle. At first, it went well until one day... It was a normal night in the chatroom. No one is usually around during those times because those are the hours that people are asleep in our timezone and I have a nightshift job where I can access the internet freely. I am at that typical talkative, jolly and welcoming player who greets everyone who comes in at room so the room would remain lit and running with activity. I can actually feel that most, if not some, people are getting annoyed with what I do but like as I always say to them, I am not doing harm and if they would notice, whatever I have been chatting around isn't a spam so they could just simply ignore me if my persistent chatting makes their ears buzz. The old people say that it is usually a scammer's behavior who wants to try to hustle with rains and freebies around the website, but I always try to show myself off by selflessly sharing my wins to all of them and it even went to a point that I follow what they say to win their trust through sending them my pictures to prove my identity and even giving them my social media profile link (I know it sounds naive and it is definitely not a requirement (it is even against the rule) but I really want to make them see that I am not what they think about me). The English room is in uproar with a lot of people talking and "cheering" a person who have been winning a lot, so moderators and supports were also in high alert during that time against alts, passives and spammers. Our ethnic-specific room was also in uproar, being warned heavily by "someone who has authority" about the latter. Wanting to join and help against the fray, I refuted one of their misses because I felt that they might have not been doing their duties to the fullest, trying to imply to them that they might haven't been doing their job vigilantly (albeit a bit frank and may sound offending). To my surprise, that person answered back, and whoever read what he/she told against me would actually see how mad he/she was after I tried to point him/her out. Thinking that he/she is in authority anyway and he/she knows what he/she is doing, I just stopped and let things be. Twist of fate, few minutes after that heated moment, my affiliate (which is with me in our office) have just unlocked her chatting capabilities and unbeknownst to my knowledge, began chatting on the other channel and only a few minutes later, the person who "confronted" me suddenly popped out of chat and a few seconds later he/she shouted to everyone that I was muted for 10 days (name included on her announcement) with the alleged reason. Shocked and distraught, I complained to Support Team about my predicament, but decided to give it up after they said I have to talk about it with the one who muted me. I felt it was very unprofessional (privacy breach) because he/she could have let me find it out personally through ChatBot PM. Add more insult to injury, he/she rejected my appeal of even trying to prove ourselves that we are different people under different accounts. Considering everything, it was a "fair" mute, but what was not fair for me is why does he/she have to publicly shame people without allowing me to appeal- even rejecting my attempts to do so. What makes it the most painful of all is that he/she told everyone on the room's private Telegram channel about it too while all the time rejecting my subsequent appeals. Some of those people have already been a friend to me to the point that we have been sharing personal things, connections and affiliations outside this gaming site- and just because of his/her actions and words, my integrity has been destroyed and my reputation in prejudice. Now, I have sworn never to go back in that room, ever again. Lesson? Those people who have been granted powers in this site must be checked from time to time because some of them are abusing it to toy with people who they deem not fit to their liking. Their powers can destroy integrity, trust credibility easily in this kind of environment. For players, tread lightly to whom you have been dealing with around and never believe anything without any tangible proof. I hope you guys won't ever have this kind of experience around here. If you do have one, what do you think about my case? Quote my story so I can follow it through.
  2. Just like in dice, it gives you no real advantage whichever side you pick. The Baccarat rules and the choices that the game offers are just an illusion of control. It is not predictable by any means.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss but... you shouldn't have had chosen to play a very low payout with such high bet... The reward isn't just worth the risk it poses. If I have that kind of balance I would rather play it slow with low basebet and watch my balance bud and spread.
  4. I don't really think that there's better than the other because the algorithm of generating a result per bet on both games is just the same (because they only use the same seed). Just play where you think you feel comfortable. (I would choose Plinko though because I love the balls when it begins to fall slowly or all of a sudden when you minimize the autobet window- the balls fall all at once!)
  5. I got 4 series of blackjacks in a row since day one. I believe just like on other games, since the decks are infinite and is only based on the RNG (seeds), everything can surely happen. The only thing we can do for sure in this game is to follow the fundamental BJ rules of when to hit, split, stand or double.
  6. Aiza824

    Exact rolls.

    I say to you, what's more painful seeing 99.98 when you chose to roll OVER 99.98? Yep, I have been there too a lot of times! It is just a bad luck though but yes I understand the feeling! Makes you snap your fingers in the air!
  7. Your opinion does not represent everyone. If your opinion is to be favored by the team then they wouldn't have had created sports betting at the first place. It is not really a game. Unlike casino games, to improve your chances of winning on sports betting, you have to research about the sports that you would wager on and the teams/players participating on it. The better you know what team or player preformed the best before would give you a great insight of what to do next (yep, somewhat predictable) unlike dice rolls, card flips, tile clicks or slots sessions wherein you literally have no idea what would appear next (and that using the previous outcomes to predict the future result is futile).
  8. Speculations? What is the basis for this? Any proof? These kinds of posts are spreading panic and more powers to bears among its holders. If you are a trader, just stick to your strategy and do not believe in what you hear or see. As of this writing, the price rebounded from $0.185 to $0.193- only goes to show that anything can happen.
  9. Aiza824


    Hello! Welcome to a lesser-evil form of Stake chat, the Forums! I will see you around even more. PS: I advise that you avoid these kinds of posts with short spews of thought as it might tag you as spamming. Warning points from that one would likely discourage you from staying here.
  10. The thing is, those kinds of posts are breaking the rules. I would not be surprised if he will be banned sooner or later, if not getting a warning point. First, the post have no "semantic" meaning on it. Second, his question is already answered by a very big banner on top of the Forum site (insert "You Don't Say?" meme here). Third, I strongly feel it is only a way to increase his forum post count as quickly as possible if you would look at his replies on the site.
  11. If it becomes monthly, I think the issue that might occur is that the reload calculation would have conflicts when it begins stacking when it arrives. Most probably after a month's reload and once the wager counter resets again, you will get less on the next one.
  12. A new game would be cool but let's give our spotlights and seats of power to Sports first. The Stake team have made significant effort to put it up and running for sure so in return they would surely advertise and promote it massively like how they are doing with it right now in conjunction with the giveaways. Let's give them time to foresee things in a longer range of time. I think the success of the Sports betting would somewhat decide if there would be any more games that would appear (aside from the slots variations).
  13. Pure honesty, I would make a run for it and maybe just leave about $25 on the site to play with it for fun. I would have many plans for that money not involving this site; it would really make one of my dreams come true. I would also rain hard to a place here where everyone made me feel like I am an opportunist. Success is the sweetest revenge. 😈
  14. I would bet on Texas Hold'Em (live and not with bots) too! I hope they would put something like that around here. I personally have been playing it since it had a huge debut in Facebook (Zynga). Not just the thrill of looking at the flops all the way up to the river- it also gives more power in strengthening the community because the tables can act as a chat group for everyone who would join it.
  15. Everyone is awesome! I have been able to get in touch with them all and to be honest, they are all strictly adhering to what their jobs demand, no matter how close they could be on chat and yet very nice and approachable! When they warn someone on chat, they mean it. If someone gets unruly and uncontrollable, their appearance makes everyone tremble when they begin to release ModBot! 😂 They are also very lenient and considerate about mute appeals; just simply give them a chat on the lower-right corner once you got a mute that you feel that's unfair for you.