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  1. Let's be realistic. You cannot have self control when you have lot of spare time and gambling for longer period of time. The only way to avoid ripping all the funds is - not having the funds. Whenever, you get a decent win; 1. Pay off debt, credit cards, EMI's etc. 2. Buy something valuable or something you have been planning since long time. Like a good PC, Car, House, etc. 3. Invest into some long term, low risk assets like Mutual funds, or maybe participating in liquidity pools for various Tokens on ETH could pay substantiably in long term.
  2. Well, everyone has their own way of gambling. Some prefer to change seed, some don't. I know that it's hard to change seed after you have invested so much in a specific seed, but it's one way to avoid dry runs. However, it really doesn't matter whether you change it or not in the long term.
  3. I had similar questions when I started studying about provable fairness. Let me answer, very specifically to your questions; 1. Seed has no memory. It doesn't remember the previous rolls and doesn't roll the next number based on the previous roll. Let me give you an example, say a seed rolled 0.00 on dice, it could also roll 0.00 on the very next roll. However, the odds of that happening is very slim. But, it does happen. 2. RTP - Fundamentally called House Edge when we talk about the original games. Let me give you a simple example: When you play dice on 2x, you see that you should roll over 50.50 or under 49.50. In both cases, it should be 50.00 for us to have an equal chance as the house. So, the casino is cutting us off from few numbers to have an edge over us. However, the house edge doesn't reflect in few rolls. You could target any multiplier and keep winning for a very long period of time. However, the opposite could also happen. So, coming back to your question - it doesn't have any set of numbers. But, if you keep rolling indefinitely, it will even out. 3. Plinko : The odds of hitting a 1000x is approx. 1 out of 33,000. We must also remember that every roll is independent. So, based on the seed/luck - it could go 400k or even 1M without hitting a 1000x. However, not hitting 1000x in 400k is extremely rare, but gambling always has its surprises. You could hit that 1000x in 1 roll, or as you mentioned 400k+ rolls. Suggestion: Broadly, it doesn't matter what your seed is in the long term. But, to avoid dry runs in the short term, keep changing your seed every specific number of rolls, this will help you in achieving your goal faster, without having dry runs. I would prefer doing 10k/5k rolls on each seed instead of going all out on a single seed on plinko. All the numbers we laid out here are based on mathematical models, and can only be concluded when we do billions of rolls. For an average gambler, who does few thousand rolls per day/week/month, these statistics don't reflect much. But, it gives you an understanding of the game.
  4. To make most out of sports follow these; 1. Look for Value Bets : Sometimes, the bookie mis-judge a specific market and give higher odds than what it should be. If you are consistently betting on value bets, over a period of time you will make good profit. 2. Dropping Odds : As we know the sports odds keep changing from time to time. A small news like player getting injured or changes in whether has a dramatic impact on the game. When such incidents happens, the odds will fall more than usual. This is where you can get some value on your bets. 3. SURE BETS : The old Sports arbitrage strategy where you take advantage of the difference in odds on different book-makers. Do your research about this, there is humongous potential - if done right with good bankroll management. 4. Your understanding of a Sport : Sports odds are just an opinion of group of people or the book-makers. You could have a better understanding of a specific sport and you might make a better judgement. Understand what you are good at and build over that. Good luck.
  5. BACCARAT: 56,745,719,503 placed by Bitpopsy on 22/09/2021 Wagered 0.60000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.60000000 BACCARAT: 56,745,774,034 placed by Bitpopsy on 22/09/2021 Wagered 0.60000000 Multiplier 1.95x Profit 0.57000000
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