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  1. placed by jelo21 Blackjack:1,228,517,500 Blackjack:1,228,530,326 Blackjack:1,228,534,839 Blackjack:1,228,539,224
  2. Jelo21

    Stake website down?

    Update or what?
  3. Hilo:577,949,711 placed by jelo 21 Wagered (BTC) 0.00000100 Payout 18.60x Profit (BTC) 0.00001759
  4. Wheel:529,101,855 placed by Jelo21 Wagered: 0.00010000 Payout: 7.80x Profit: 0.00068000
  5. Jelo21

    3 Game Challenge( 0.0115 total prize)

    Username jelo21 DiamondPoker:184,578,093 DiamondPoker:184,577,939 DiamondPoker:184,577,794 DiamondPoker:184,577,734 DiamondPoker:184,577,674 DiamondPoker:184,577,534
  6. Jelo21

    3 Game Challenge( 0.0115 total prize)

    Username jelo21 DiamondPoker:184,469,816 DiamondPoker:184,469,783 DiamondPoker:184,469,754 DiamondPoker:184,469,724
  7. Jelo21

    3 Game Challenge( 0.0115 total prize)

    Username jelo21 Dice:184,462,500 Dice:184,462,422 Dice:184,462,361 Dice:184,462,302 Dice:184,462,100 Dice:184,462,074 Dice:184,462,050 Dice:184,462,043 Dice:184,462,034
  8. Jelo21

    No Luck with Big Bets ?

    Woot woot ? Same observation as mine hahaha.im a greedy player.i always lose at all in hahaha..maybe nxt time that allin can make me rich real quick ??but so far its make me poor so quick haha.. Best of luck raven.thnkz for sharing ?
  9. Jelo21

    Wilbur = Wilburito

    All in is for the weak!!!???? Sooooooooo im weak ???????? hahahaha cant change that attitude @wilbur...i accept that im weak haha.ur a new leaf. I need a new tip hahaha.jk. ? Hope u grow well friend.love yah ?
  10. Jelo21

    Greetings and Happy Holidays

    Welcome buddy!!!!see yah around heheh ??
  11. Jelo21

    VPS Giveaway

    Here bro 48
  12. Jelo21

    Mines aesthetics ♥

    Lovely haha
  13. Jelo21

    4412830.00x Payout

    Great paris