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  1. stake: penikmattempik nfl: penikmattempik
  2. it happened to me but everything is back to normal
  3. At that time there was once a 10k sports betting race but now it's not there anymore
  4. more u wager more u ger bonus of course
  5. like me to i send ltc to btc wallet by mistake and lost my coin
  6. my weekly $5 from wager 2k so i still love it
  7. bonus drop requorement for bday too high i think this bonus for all so maybe need minimum requirement
  8. gems bonanza and juicy froit is good choice
  9. i like dangdut a music from my country indonesia
  10. sometime worth it sometime no if not hit x100 we dont get money back
  11. it might depend on win or lose and our level
  12. positive if you don't play too much and don't forget to wd if you win
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