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  1. Yeah I think provably fair is nice to reassure you. Sometimes when roulette is sucking all the satoshi from me I think this is rigged! Then I remember provably fair and I realize it's just variance. I can't wait for release of provably youprofit! I think this will be a big step forward
  2. Yes no chatbox would be not good! How could we get to know all of our lovely fellow players! Looking forward to the live cam update to the chatbox!
  3. Yes this is great and will help a tonne of people very clear and nice how all the different games are explained!
  4. Before first bet i don't have much of a ritual but if I play many and lose and want the next one to win I look away from the screen before the result comes and then look back once it's happened. Also sometimes if I have had a long losing streak I pretend I want the opposite result. So if I bet Odd on roulette and I want it to win as I lost a few spins before, I'll say "come on Even!" and pretend I want even to win, to try to trick luck, dumb i know, but that's my ritual. I usually only do these dumb rituals when losing.
  5. Travelers up to season 1 episode 4, on netflix, very cool If you like time travel type dramas
  6. ha yes fast after you eat again! joke. tbh i think fasting is a bit stupid I have decided. I tried maybe 4 times I never last too long. I like food and alcohol too much. maybe for some people fasting works but not for me!
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