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  1. SuddenlyBroke

    CHP now seems like a good time to get in

    Getting listed on Kucoin today, i expect that have a positive impact on price... time will tell I guess.... Update What did I say guys, not bad timing ha? Got the speculation thread posted just before it started its rally
  2. Hey guys just flagging I think the CHP coin is a good investment at the moment. As you can see it's been on a steady climb the last while: After it's initial fall since its launch in March. The coin is used by a poker site coinpoker as in game currency. The platform is launching a poker series in 12 days time which is likely to attract many players who will all need to buy CHPs to play, so I expect the increase to continue at least in the short term. I think short term in and out will be less risky, as the high volume of CHPs being awarded during the poker tournament festival may increase supply and bring price down a little. But definitely over the next few weeks I think it's a good coin to get into. Personally I think it's one to hdol but just a bit unsure impact of the tournament schedule payouts on value. The schedule starts on 27th of this month. There are also new partnerships in place with Japan, who are hosting live tournaments sponsored by Coinpoker. There is also a mobile app about to be released anytime soon. I think it's it's a good time to get involved with this coin... Social media: https://twitter.com/coinpoker_off?lang=en Website: https://coinpoker.com/ Recent article from coinpoker about their own speculations etc: https://medium.com/@CoinPoker/chp-value-is-on-the-rise-with-2019-forecasts-as-high-as-2-30-42b56903aa50
  3. Hey Alamar xtinepink already wrote about this yesterday
  4. SuddenlyBroke

    Decision on deleting my actual gambling account on Stake

    omg you're not even muted! what a drama queen!!! 😆 If I'd known you were rude to Irena I would have voted the other way !
  5. SuddenlyBroke

    Decision on deleting my actual gambling account on Stake

    Dude no one likes mute coins! But you gotta float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! Take it on the chin, champions stand up one more time! Don't delete your account
  6. SuddenlyBroke

    South Korea’s biggest exchange was raided!

    ha, reminds me of this story from an Alan Watts lecture: (13:37 - 16:05)
  7. SuddenlyBroke

    Breath in Breath out, Be calm

    Nice advice sir Wilbur! I keep busting out of mtt poker tournaments lately too, going to try to use this tactic to stay calm and logicial 🧠
  8. haha, yes can beg in vits now That's interesting Kristoffff! Yes I guess in the future, especially once all bitcoin have been mined, it would make sense to have even smaller units than sats, so it's nice that it might be possible to go even smaller, crazy that one day we might need to go even lower than a hundredth of a millionth, who would have thought it!
  9. SuddenlyBroke

    Does positivity affects gambling?

    I think if you're positive it can't alter the outcome of the bet. But if you're positive it can alter how you play, so you play better! If you are negative, you might YOLO too much and lose your whole bankroll!
  10. Wow interesting question! If it's stored in a private wallet, and the person that died didn't write down the private key, then the funds are lost forever ;/ This reminds me of @Dan 's signature the lost sat's will go to help the bitcoin community! But.. if the person did write the private key down and left it for their family then they can get some technical company to help them access the wallet. I had a look online... there was a case of a guy that died and had money left in his conibase wallet... the family approached coinbase, and after providing all the correct documentation etc... coinbase transferred the money it says (or were in process of transferring it, in article!). http://fortune.com/2017/09/26/cryptocurrency-bitcoin-death/
  11. Everyone is familiar with sats because we use them so much in Stake, especially in chat, 1,000 sats... 5,000 sats... 10,000 sats, or 400,000 sats if you get hit by a high roller... But... what about baby Etherium How does the smallest unit of Ethereum compare with the smallest unit of Bitcoin? The smallest unit of a bitcoin is the satoshi (sat) named after the person that invented bitcoin. 1 sat = 0.00000001 BTC That's really small.. you break a bitcoin down into 1million parts, then you break one of those million parts down again into 100 parts, you take one of those parts and that's how much of a bitcoin 1 satoshi is worth. 1 sat = a hundredth of a millionth BTC. But... it's nothing compared to the smallest unit of an Ethereum coin! The smallest unit of an Ethereum is a wei. 1 wei = 0.000000000001 ETH That's 1 trillionth of an Ethereum ! So the coin with the smallest baby is definitely Ethereum. Are we going to tip each other in trillionth of Ethereums then?! 🤔 No... Because Stake is using the new unit that has recently come about. It's not part of the main unit specs but everyone is used to sats so it made sense to have a similar unit for Ethereum, it's called the vit: 1 vit = 0.00000001 ETH vit, like sat, is named after the coins founder! 1 vit = a hundredth of a millionth ETH. So on Stake both babies are the same size, it's a tie!
  12. SuddenlyBroke

    Promotion Question

    8000 Eth! wow ballers in this thread! If I had 8000 Eth I think i'd go on holiday somewhere for a few months and play Stake from a Yacht
  13. SuddenlyBroke

    Eth Experience on Stake

    what game stole your ether?
  14. What is the meaning of life? Some think it's friend... Some think it's religion... Some think it's family.... Some think it's being happy... What is the meaning of life to you?
  15. SuddenlyBroke

    I can't find tag editor in posts

    oh ok thanks, just was checking. Thanks for clarifying.