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  1. Some forum glitch

    It seems to be fixed for me now, but now I get this when I try to upload a picture, I guess maybe it's related I'll try again later: Edit: oh this was unrelated, something to do with the thread I was making. I exited it went back in and now it worked!
  2. Some forum glitch

    Hey @Dan , This has been happening to me on and off the last 20 minutes or so: Where my avatar normally appears, and also when I try to search: I see this: but I wait 3 seconds and still the message is there. Just flagging in case you're not aware!
  3. lol at 500$ mystery ebay boxes

    Haha yes for sure! Smart little scam for the people selling the boxes though Yes really enjoyed watching too haha, mystery can be fun sometimes lol
  4. Quality of sleep VS quantity

    I was thinking about this very thing when I was replying to Wilberthh! If I've been awake for 36 hours (which happens every once in a while) I get the best nights sleep I've ever had, where you go to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Then awake after 12 hours or something and feel great. I wonder if this is because when you're insanely tired, the thinking part of your brain is much less active, and you just sleep?
  5. Quality of sleep VS quantity

    Our mind yes, good point, I didn't think of that. I guess when we are asleep at some stage in our sleep we're still thinking. That's why we can dream, also like when you're trying to think of an answer or make a decision about something all day, and you just wake, and it seems clear, so I guess we're definitely thinking in some way when asleep. Then if we're in a bad state of mind we'll be more restless, and a good state of mind, more rested. Cool point Wilberthh, so I guess we should try to do things that put us in a good state of mind before we go to sleep!
  6. Quality of sleep VS quantity

    Having woke up about an hour ago, I was surprised when I woke and felt decently rested to realise I'd only had about 4.5 hours sleep, but other times I can wake after 7 or 8 hours, and still feel tired. I think the quality of your sleep matters more than the quantity alot of the time. Does anyone else experience this? What do you think about quality VS quantity of sleep?
  7. Are you self actualised?

    Wow @missfox Maslow's hierarchy of needs, haven't seen that in a while! I think it's a useful model, especially at the lower levels where he talks about having to have your physiological needs met before being able to focus on the more lofty goals such as whether or not you can express some degree of personal power - (social needs) or feel good about yourself, to feel that you have earned the respect of others - (esteem needs). After all it's kind of hard to feel personal power, or focus on activities that increase your esteem, if you don't have anything to eat or anywhere to live. Like all models I think it's useful, but doesn't tell the whole picture though. For instance in reality I don't think we move smoothly up or down the pyramid's 6 stages of development going through one area at a time, but I think at any one time there can be influences from any stage influencing our experience of the world and our degree of happiness. I try to be clear about what I truly value, and what matters to me personally in life, and then act congruently with those ideas, (when I remember to think about them that is haha), I think this can give you a decent amount of power in life, because whatever happens you know you have been acting in ways that are ultimately truthful to who you are and what you value in life. Which reminds me of something Covey said in the 7 habits of highly successful people, you have to develop independence, before you can develop interdependence. I think this is true, and something that makes the process of figuring out who you truly are, and what you truly value and seek in life, a lot less selfish than it sounds. Thanks for a thought provoking post:)
  8. 100k Forum Balance Jackpot

    Sent you 1k, good luck:)
  9. What illegal gambling have you tried betting?

    Damn this google translation is the bomb lol. I copy paste into Google translate, just to see it get everything wrong... but no... That's some smart stuff
  10. How Many Hours You Spend Playing in Stake.com?

    Another person with a very cool job! These jobs sound soooo relaxed
  11. Do you make an income online with crypto?

    Cool! What period of time was this over? and what gambling was it? Do you use any particular method for deciding what you bet on?
  12. What illegal gambling have you tried betting?

    I tried illegal drugs but never illegal gambling, too much legal gambling over here
  13. What are some disadvantages of BTC?

    Nice post, interesting points @qp123asd I saw a tweet the other day that made me think twice about the volatility of bitcoin and that was this: So bitcoin isn't as volatile as it used to be, when you consider the % changes, vs the $ amounts, which I thought was a cool idea.
  14. [Selling] Want to sell Bitcoins!

    haha np