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  1. SuddenlyBroke

    What gambling machines do you play?

    only roulette that's linked to a live wheel is the machine i played in a real casino before, other than that i prefer to play real tables. Even though in long run you lose on roulette, with real table you feel like you have some kind of chance,
  2. SuddenlyBroke

    Another one to store your cryptos offline

    Trove, like treasure trove! that's smart. Watch looks super cheap tho!
  3. SuddenlyBroke

    What is a good strategy for dice?

    YOLO is best strategy for dice! just take everything and go on 50/50 chance!! you only live once!!
  4. SuddenlyBroke

    If You Had A Chance To Meet Satoshi Nakamoto

    i would choose to meet him in stake chat room, yeah i think he's alive
  5. Hey Alamar xtinepink already wrote about this yesterday
  6. omg you're not even muted! what a drama queen!!! 😆 If I'd known you were rude to Irena I would have voted the other way !
  7. Dude no one likes mute coins! But you gotta float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! Take it on the chin, champions stand up one more time! Don't delete your account
  8. SuddenlyBroke

    South Korea’s biggest exchange was raided!

    ha, reminds me of this story from an Alan Watts lecture: (13:37 - 16:05)
  9. SuddenlyBroke

    Breath in Breath out, Be calm

    Nice advice sir Wilbur! I keep busting out of mtt poker tournaments lately too, going to try to use this tactic to stay calm and logicial 🧠
  10. SuddenlyBroke

    Does positivity affects gambling?

    I think if you're positive it can't alter the outcome of the bet. But if you're positive it can alter how you play, so you play better! If you are negative, you might YOLO too much and lose your whole bankroll!
  11. SuddenlyBroke

    Promotion Question

    8000 Eth! wow ballers in this thread! If I had 8000 Eth I think i'd go on holiday somewhere for a few months and play Stake from a Yacht
  12. SuddenlyBroke

    Eth Experience on Stake

    what game stole your ether?
  13. SuddenlyBroke

    Trade, Gamble or Buy Mining Equipments

    haha not quite slight exageration haha
  14. SuddenlyBroke

    Circulating supply reach the maximum

    According to this article: https://www.investopedia.com/news/what-happens-bitcoin-after-all-21-million-are-mined/ which uses bitcoin as its basis, the price of the coin will likely go up (which makes sense, when you think about it, because more demand, less supply usually equals higher price in any market). What about the miners? How can they get rewards if there are no more coins left !! The article says maybe transaction fees wont be enough to keep them mining, that would be kind of a scary prospect. But... it also says the protocol could be changed to allow more coins to be generated! I never even thought of this. Suprising it can be done, but I guess with no central regulating body anything can in theory be done.
  15. SuddenlyBroke

    Bitcoin and Alt coin crypto Mining Using Solar

    People forget often just how many people are involved in setting up, maintaining, and building these farms. Great for the local work force! Also all the chip innovations that mining drives, and how many jobs that creates in itself in the tech sector. So many hidden benefits that crypto provides to society I think!