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  1. Dude.. I seen before u send posts spam they not, people. Can get them over turned right? Bojana and dan are real people? I can't be bothered personally except for saying this and I guess I can say it OK? Get a life maverick. Stop trying to ban everyone for everything ur ruining the site bro. OK that's all, cheers.
  2. Alcohol as medicine

    Nice Bro. Yeah partying here. Good to see u again bro. Here's hot song for u Yo @godloft Couldn't hold my tongue bro Woops @godloft
  3. Alcohol as medicine

    U like this song god?? Someone post a hot song? I'll start!!
  4. Alcohol as medicine

    Drink bro @HappyBitcoinand also get @godloft drunk bro he's too sober haha,, what u upto bro?
  5. OK guys I was just wondering. Who do you think hottest staffer on stake is? Personally I like jelena and mirela and ofc boj and Irena and kat, sorry if I left someone but u guys are all v cool so I'm sure if I forgot someone ur cool too. Of staff I like Mel and mirela personally. Dan is cool. Too. What do u guys think??? Paste if in gave no fav just post a song
  6. Alcohol as medicine

    Awesome guy maza. Ring her Tell her no be good Hey @HappyBitcoinI miss u bro hope ur good!!
  7. Alcohol as medicine

    Yes @GodLoftI!! https://youtu.be/agFMqNB9BYM
  8. Alcohol as medicine

    Has anyone used alcohol as medicine? I haven't drank hardly at all last 4 weeks, but woke up at 1am with the worst stomach pain ever and trapped air in chest. Ate damn ice cream the night before. I think it's too blame. M ugh friend said they ate 1 tub of Ben and Jerry in one sitting before. I usually only eat half. Ate 1 tub got home 1 hour later went to bed. Omg so I'll. 9 hours if constant pain ain't nice despite taking some medication. So... I decided I will try to drunk the chest pain away. 3 drink in, about 2/3 litre vodka left. I should be pain free at done point! Anyone else ever used alcohol as a physical pain remover?? Also this thread is now officially a party thread. Will party the damn illness away! Heard any good songs lately? Where is everyone? Here's a good song, anyone know the singer?
  9. Stake chat muteeee

    Well, at least it's not permanent I guess
  10. Dark Web good or bad?

    So I'm sitting waiting for a train to get home, it's 8.13pm and I should get back at midnight, freezing out but I found a waiting room. Which is where I'm typing this on my phone. Anyway... I been listening to this audible series about the dark web. It talks about how key bitcoin was in the early days of the dark web and how crucial the dark Web was for bitcoin to go from $1 a coin to $400. I used to think the dark Web was good, mainly because of the open markets and drugs etc. Although I never even used the dark web, but I like the idea of being able to buy drugs if I want. But then just now I heard about some Russian teen who bought a gun and killed a tonne of people after becoming obsessed with guns on there. So it got me thinking is the dark web good or bad? What do you think??
  11. Comment your most embarrassing moment

    Ha did she give you the 50 pesos back?
  12. So I've been muted for a long time on stake chat is there a time limit or is it foreveeeer? Because forever is a long time...
  13. Happy Love day

    Happy valentines day! I went out with a girl I met in January, I even bought a rose
  14. I'm house sitting for a friend that's gone on holiday this week as they have two dogs. Well I never saw such small dogs in my life... They want a tonne of attention... and two of them fit on one side of your arm in a chair lol They're called miniature dachshunds
  15. strat

    Nice strat share @hux I looked at martingale, maybe starting out so tiny with 1 sat, it has some chance of success Well do OK for a bit, I think you maybe stand more of a chancing winning on Stake than in a live casino, because live casinos have caps on the amount you can bet on the table in any one hand. But... I guess this depends on what the maximum win limit is on Stake. @Bojana @Irena @Jelena What's the maximum win limit is on Stake, any idea? Thanks!