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  1. SuddenlyBroke

    I got a t-shirt!!

    Ha ha thanks! You will see me wearing it soon as I final table a live poker event, hopefully before end of year
  2. SuddenlyBroke

    I got a t-shirt!!

    It Arrived today 😎 Thanks everyone for votes last year, and thank you Stake for sending me this tshirt! (esp Vlad for organising getting it to me!) Thanks guys
  3. SuddenlyBroke

    📢 TitleBot launched on chat box

    this is awesome! very cool!
  4. SuddenlyBroke

    What gambling machines do you play?

    only roulette that's linked to a live wheel is the machine i played in a real casino before, other than that i prefer to play real tables. Even though in long run you lose on roulette, with real table you feel like you have some kind of chance,
  5. SuddenlyBroke

    Another one to store your cryptos offline

    Trove, like treasure trove! that's smart. Watch looks super cheap tho!
  6. SuddenlyBroke

    What is a good strategy for dice?

    YOLO is best strategy for dice! just take everything and go on 50/50 chance!! you only live once!!
  7. SuddenlyBroke

    If You Had A Chance To Meet Satoshi Nakamoto

    i would choose to meet him in stake chat room, yeah i think he's alive
  8. SuddenlyBroke

    CHP now seems like a good time to get in

    Getting listed on Kucoin today, i expect that have a positive impact on price... time will tell I guess.... Update What did I say guys, not bad timing ha? Got the speculation thread posted just before it started its rally
  9. Hey guys just flagging I think the CHP coin is a good investment at the moment. As you can see it's been on a steady climb the last while: After it's initial fall since its launch in March. The coin is used by a poker site coinpoker as in game currency. The platform is launching a poker series in 12 days time which is likely to attract many players who will all need to buy CHPs to play, so I expect the increase to continue at least in the short term. I think short term in and out will be less risky, as the high volume of CHPs being awarded during the poker tournament festival may increase supply and bring price down a little. But definitely over the next few weeks I think it's a good coin to get into. Personally I think it's one to hdol but just a bit unsure impact of the tournament schedule payouts on value. The schedule starts on 27th of this month. There are also new partnerships in place with Japan, who are hosting live tournaments sponsored by Coinpoker. There is also a mobile app about to be released anytime soon. I think it's it's a good time to get involved with this coin... Social media: https://twitter.com/coinpoker_off?lang=en Website: https://coinpoker.com/ Recent article from coinpoker about their own speculations etc: https://medium.com/@CoinPoker/chp-value-is-on-the-rise-with-2019-forecasts-as-high-as-2-30-42b56903aa50
  10. Hey Alamar xtinepink already wrote about this yesterday
  11. omg you're not even muted! what a drama queen!!! 😆 If I'd known you were rude to Irena I would have voted the other way !
  12. Dude no one likes mute coins! But you gotta float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! Take it on the chin, champions stand up one more time! Don't delete your account
  13. SuddenlyBroke

    South Korea’s biggest exchange was raided!

    ha, reminds me of this story from an Alan Watts lecture: (13:37 - 16:05)
  14. SuddenlyBroke

    Breath in Breath out, Be calm

    Nice advice sir Wilbur! I keep busting out of mtt poker tournaments lately too, going to try to use this tactic to stay calm and logicial 🧠
  15. haha, yes can beg in vits now That's interesting Kristoffff! Yes I guess in the future, especially once all bitcoin have been mined, it would make sense to have even smaller units than sats, so it's nice that it might be possible to go even smaller, crazy that one day we might need to go even lower than a hundredth of a millionth, who would have thought it!