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  1. You have a great hits, lol :0. Congrats.
  2. Omg, you are a lucky guy :0.
  3. I hate Dice for that, lol. I get like 7 reds on 30 bets on 1.0102X :(.
  4. Thanks :D. It is so necessary :P.
  5. Stake need a better Bonus Spins! More wilds... or i dont know, but is normal Bonus Spins.
  6. Synthes1s

    Super multi

    Congrats G, you are very luck
  7. Thx for the information :D.
  8. Football soccer! What will be the minimum bet?
  9. wow, good session haha. I dont like plinko, i cant hit a 2x on plinko, LOL.
  10. This is not a good strategy. is high risk, lol
  11. Woooow. congrats men. Strategy or just lucky?