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  1. Hello all, Happy saturday.!!!! As u all know its a Mega race day and People often want to know what the best strategy to wager with small balance in order to loose less and also be in top 50 to get the race Prize plus extra 50 usd Promotion....... I waana share my best wagering strategy that i use in stake, is to play Mines with 1 mines and 1 green and that green also to be selected at any of the edge corner in order to avoid loose.. It works if u see Red mines on corner possibilities are very less if ur lucky. Make sure to have stop on loose of 50k sats and ur basebet needs to be 5k sats . At the end of the race increase ur base bet to some 50k sats on Limbo with 1.01X and if ur lucky u can have some good wagering in the race and have chances to be in top 50. This is just for those who have some 200k sat or 300k sats in ATM and want to try luck in Race. Good luck for today see u all there in Race. Make sure to suggest what strategy u people play to wager for Racing. Thanks.
  2. I play Mines with 1000 sats and 1 bomb autobet and stop on loss 10k sats..once reach stop loss go to dice play 2X martiangle and recover ur loss and again go to Mines and play he same strategy. Hapy wagering guys good luck.
  3. Hey guys i came again with yet another topic, which i really think most people wants to discuss.. Slots a game with many possibilities. The payout we got is very uncertain and i personally though luck factor is far more important in slots. (Many may defer with my view). there is always a discussion of how many lines will be more beneficial in order to get nice payouts. (As there a maximum of 20 lines to select. When i initially starts with , i didnt consider the Line as a factor and just rolls it with 20 line Slowly i discovered Line did play a factor , and basically play with 15 lines. Share ur thoughts on the No. of lines to selected in order to have profit while playing slots and also post the best Payout that you got while playing with slots. (Biggest payout bet )
  4. Hey guys !! I want to know whether changing seeds really helpful. if So, how frequently we need to change seeds. ????? As far as i m concerned, I usually change my seed after every 1000 to 1500 rolls. Do share ur views regarding change of seeds in between the bets? Have a great day ahead to all.
  5. thats preety big win grats and good luk
  6. I dint even have that reload ...but whatever as I know this concept bcoz I m a vip in Primedice. I will say better to give the aggregate at once instead of giving in 10 min times every 10 minutes .