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  1. I couldn't be happier for the many perks, gifts, coupons ect... Stake is just awesome in this regard. Like many things ion life you only get what you put in, freebie's are never really free, so choose wisely. Just be grateful when something truly free comes your way, it's a miracle.
  2. Keep more profit, keep off tilt.
  3. If you have not hit payout 9900 in dice then keep playing it is bound to come soon, I believe the math is once in every ten thousand rolls on average.
  4. The races are only an extra, If you plan on playing then play during a race if possible for the extra perks, most important of all is play to win, look at the odds for different options ie... should I insure a blacjack (Never) or play the" tie" in Bacc. (no) It all adds up.
  5. The Promo's this year are great, and most important, look back at the same time last year an you can see that many things that folks wished would be , happened this year ie... Cash prizes.
  6. That is a far more interesting question Seoulmate. Does Eddie still own Primedice? If he does, I would bet Eddie will still own Stake.
  7. Working with 0.02 Btc one day, I decided to try Limbo as I had seen it and was not impressed. The wins came seemingly easy and I thought I might be able to win 1 btc. I ended up winning 9 Btc in a 3 day period. Didnt see that coming, what a great game.
  8. Free spins on slots would work for me. Im easy to please, but an insanely long, rigged, bet log of green, also shouldnt be too much too ask.
  9. I spend little time on any forum, but I think what you just said, has been said every day by someone on some forum somewhere. I wish I was spamming for sats, but I think im spamming for posts? Is that the same thing, or different. P.S. I wont be reading future posts on this thread either, as I too do not gaf.
  10. I dont know how Eddie will pull it off exactly, but I would not be shocked if Stake isnt the biggest Btc Casino in the next 5 years. Stake will do nothing but continue to grow. Wait, was this a "joke" forum question?
  11. I rather doubt anyone can even imagine todays money being used 100 years from now, but will the change come in 10 years, maybe less? An American broadcaster, leader, calculationist, awesomist, Art Bell called it the Quickening. Our world is getting better, faster, electronics are smaller, cheaper and way, way better. So will Bitcoin reach 10 million by 2050 all things equal, yes. If it weren't for the select few that control our destiny, I am talking the mega-players, Exxon, BP, todays royalty must be tomorrows, and they will stop at nothing to keep the status quo. They just might keep us spe
  12. I am an expert at craps. Too bad stake does not have craps, yet. I am an expert at Limbo. You really got to be smart to master that game.
  13. BLACKJACK: 12,973,717,294 placed by fwdslashhash on 18/12/2019 Wagered 0.00500000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00750000
  14. I only hunt 49x on dice. It seems to work, for me anyway. Not looking to break my Macbook.
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