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  1. I have done MDMA a couple of times, but the outcomes were awful. Now I am rarely smoking weed and that's all
  2. Ahahah! I’m very curious why this is forbidden? :)) I constantly write before sex in order not to accidentally pee in bed like a little child during sex. Just imagine how terrible it will be. By the way, how many of you know what pain can be during sex and urination ?? I searched for information on this on the Internet but could not find anything ... In the end, I decided to just try Levitra because I heard that it is a very effective remedy against potency .. I ordered it from https://espanolviagra.net/levitra-generico-precio/ and I hope that it is real it will help me, because with time the pain becomes stronger ...
  3. Hi there. I don't have much experience with drugs, but I have tried some. I have smoked a lot of weed, but I have quit because it started to ruin my life. Also I have used MDMA a couple of times, but I don't wanna try it again because of it's suicidal comedown, it's really horrible. I really like the psychodelics, I have done LSD a couple of times ( max 250ug) and it was awesome. Also I have tried once some magic truffels, and I really liked it, because it was like mdma+lsd at the same time. Moreover it was natural. And the last one that I have ever tried was levitra kaufen rezeptfrei from https://ed-oesterreichische.at/levitra/. It's pretty cheap and helped me to get rid of erectile dysfunction. That's all. I would not recommend everyone to try drugs. Believe me, you don't need it.
  4. GlenCurtis

    Sex or gambling?

    Nah, I have lost too much money in the casino. I would prefer a good sex. However, the problem is that I've been using different substances like nicotine and steroids, and now I am suffering from erectile dysfunction. I have sex very rarely, and that's why I would choose sex. It's a real holiday for me, because I can get an erection only when I am using some Cialis from https://edrxcare.com/cialis-oral-jelly/. Thank god it's pretty cheap. However, I heard that it has some side effects, so I am not taking it too often.
  5. Can you please tell more about your "trusted service" ? I like gambling, it's my hobby, and I am really curious what is asianconnect88, and how does it work. I am trying to become a professional bookie, but that's not easy at all. I need to learn more. I am just placing a lot of bets so far. Usually I am playing on the verified and trusted casinos from https://casinoluck.ca/. There are a lot of reviews for many online casinos. It's a security measure, because nowadays there is a lot of scam on the internet.
  6. That is a really great model for the casino. Everything is needed is present, and that is really important. I don't have to change the site when I want to play slots or to play casino for example. And a lot of time I spend in roulette which can be seen really rarely on other platforms. I played before on many other sites an I didn't like anything there, including interface. I found my favorite casino with
  7. I don't know, maybe PTC is a good way of earning money, but I have more profitable jobs online. Personally, I work in IntelliZoom which is a cross between an online survey and website user testing. Here you’re assigned a task, which usually involves evaluating a website. They record all steps of the job with either screen recording software, webcam video, or both. You walk through all of the task steps, answering questions, and explaining your thought process, and after that, they encourage you to “Think Out Loud” to understand the average customer mindset. And the reason I include this company here is because the payout is $10 per study. Do you see? It is easier and more profitable. In addition, I know a site where are many other ideas of earning online. Here is the link https://themoneymix.com/side-hustle-ideas/ .
  8. GlenCurtis


    Yeah, I definitely agree with you. This is a game of love and hate. I really like it, but sometimes it's really freaking me out. It happens when I am loosing, especially when I am loosing because of bad teammates. I was trying to increase my rating, but I have failed and lost my nerves. The matchmaking in this game is horrible sometimes, you can get such a bad team that it's impossible to win. I have really tried my best, but I couldn't up the rank. That's why I have decided to use a cheap sr boost from https://expertboosting.com. I have found a really nice service, that is very qualitative and has a very fast speed of completion. It worked, and playing this game became much more interesting.
  9. Why did you delete the animation, I would really like to see it. I really like watching animations on YouTube on the plots of different games. I recently watched new animations from the VHS studio and it is simply mesmerizing ... By the way, I had the idea to buy a server for minecraft, install mods and create my own mini videos based on the game. It seems to me that it will be interesting to many. I even found a site to buy my own server https://ggservers.com, but in the end I decided to postpone this idea because I just did not have time!
  10. Wow, man. Frankly speaking, this is just what I was looking for! I have created a new website and I really need to get more traffic on it. I hope that this is going to help me with that. I also think about using a verified gsa ser verified list on this site https://asiavirtualsolutions.com/product/backlink-lists/, so I think that the traffic will rise in few days, because my friend began to use it 4 days ago, but the number of viewers multiplied in 25 times. Has anybody used such lists, what is your opinion about it?
  11. I’m working in this direction about two years and know that sometimes it is a shame to pay commission. Because of this I’ve looked around to find something with no fees. There are so many options that I’ve got lost… Some guides helped me to find some variates convenient to me. There are some rules to avoid taxes, for example, if you’re not working officially you can avoid taxes. There are some good guides for finding a job that offer you a big range of options. Link on that quide https://iliketodabble.com/how-to-make-money-fast/
  12. Hey, dude. I'll open you a secret. Have you known, that online pharmacy is a good business, but it has some restrictions. I still don't know how you will be able to sell medicines that have prescriptions. There is too much to discuss, but you probably will find much more information from somebody who provide this service's or somebody who can help you to open a pharmacy . You can find more information here https://pharmacysales.com.au/pharmacies-for-sale , then you will be confident in all the issue's that could appear when you will begin your business way. At least I hope that I helped you somehow, wish you luck my friend