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  1. Well what I have noticed that if I have made some rains some dudes going to add me to friendlist.And first question they ask "Do you have telegram?".What is it with telegram?But others gl and dont ever give any money to strangers,better make some rains or withdraw.
  2. Well I like mostly stake support and mods because everything is so fast and all people very friendly here.
  3. Vault is good so u can save some of your balance to there and transactions are totally free.But yeah mostly i bust this too
  4. Well there is no strategy at all.Its 100% luck ofc. Strategy what u can do is that if u lose u will increase bet to get breakeven.But even with this u can bust if u choose big bets.
  5. Well for megarace u need big balance cuz with small balance there is nothing to do.With small balance ppl going to make big bets and going to rip mostly.
  6. I am waiting for sportsbook also cuz there is not so much luck need.And I dont rly care about new slots cuz for me slots are pretty much pointless.But I can understand its fun to play sometimes these.
  7. Well i think in limbo there is no any strategy.I have also tried different strategies, sometimes works sometimes not.Limbo is just so random imo.
  8. I think best idea is to withdraw and gg.If not probably gonna rip it soon.
  9. Welll all depends of balance.If u have big balance u can try to hit high multipliers for sure.But if u dont have big balance then slowly and low payouts
  10. Thats why i am not taking part in challenges cuz its mostly -EV.More games more u lose.In challenges u need lot of luck also.
  11. Well if you are autobetting u have to choose pretty safe bet size because all can happen.I have tried dice 1.6 payout and I am hunting 3 or more losing streaks and then I am going to triple my bets.But even there can happen a lot.Even for that u have to choose pretty safe bet size.
  12. Well imo dont think so much about that vip lvl.Think more about to boost ur balance.Slowly but yeah soon u will get also ur vip lvl.
  13. Welcome.These shoes seem a bit weird.But gl.