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  1. kleanin

    Instant bet

    i tried the dice bot you said. and I lost all my balance. I think because of the wrong adjustment...
  2. kleanin

    Instant bet

    Can you suggest a dice bot? the dice bots I found was not very up to date
  3. kleanin

    Instant bet

    i think instant bet in dice is not fast enough. Is there a faster mode in the future?
  4. Does Stake.com consider making a mobile application?
  5. kleanin

    Autobet stops

    i thinks its about browser. i change it. its not happening anymore. but yesterday I pushed the CPU too much with games. and it stops again. i think its about cpu usage
  6. kleanin

    Autobet stops

    sometimes autobet stopping itselft in dice game. without notification. I wonder why?
  7. Yeah. removal of this feature is annoying
  8. there are people using the site with unmuted 4Head
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