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  1. otomatis

    BitLevel - First Free MLM Gaming

    will be open for registration starting on 31 dec *because i'm still not in fit condition and still can't complete some scripts, there may delay about this project.
  2. Referral Links : https://www.earncrypto.com/earn-free-bitcoin-cash/?r=136158 What is EarnCrypto ? EarnCrypto.com is a best way to earn your own first cryptocurrencies. It's free and has many things to do inside members area to earn Any CryptoCurrency you want. It Pays you for doing : -Offers -Surveys -Jobs -Data Entry -CrowdFlowers -Install Apps -Watch Videos -Refer Friends And you can choose any cryptocurrency you want to earn. Type For Money ? It's an easy way to earn bitcoin / bitcoin cash / dogecoin / other cryptocurrency just for completing captcha. You may think it's just like a faucet? No it didn't same yet. It's Fast, No Ads, and very easy captcha. You just need to input email address / address / phone / other things from a piece of images. and You're receiving 10 PP (Payment Point) for each correct captcha. and the rates is start available to exchange to your choosen currency as low as 200 PP. When i write this, 200 PP = 0.0000033 bcc (i choose Bitcoin Cash/BCH as my default earning currency). with a 30 minutes of my time i can get 400 to 500 captcha, with maximum 400+ captcha correct. And receive 4000+ PP. So 1st day i try it i got 0.00007470 BCC, looks nice instead of waiting for faucet claim and closing the popup ads for less earning. :D Join under me using my ref.links : http://bit.ly/earncryptos and you can messages me about how to and easy tricks to write captcha fast and correct way. if you didn't want to support me and didn't want to receive any tips from me, just go to www.earncrypto.com bumps for more typers
  3. otomatis

    Is bitcoin gonna go 20k

    no XRB faucet, it's distribution via faucet already over. now only can be traded on exchanger. it's so limited supply, so i think it'll go to the moon soon because of it.
  4. otomatis

    Is bitcoin gonna go 20k

    good invest right now is on XRB (raiblocks) keep going up. or DOGE, it's keep stable and no drama.
  5. otomatis

    New idea for a site

    then what you'll do with your forum balances? if you need cash, you can only withdraw your stake balances, right?
  6. otomatis

    BitLevel - First Free MLM Gaming

    the main concept is just refer your friend, build a team which can online everyday, and make more money. but we aren't paying cash and members didn't need pay anything to join the party thank you sir.
  7. i though i can create my own ico in 1 single click nice..
  8. otomatis

    Sola (SOL) - decentralized social network

    don't know about this, but they have been exist for long time, so they have already a reputable teams behind the SOLA Project (PLAG / PLAGUE).
  9. why not using someone else data, maybe from fakenamegenerator ? then run the auto program on your pc, and get paid by ltc / eth (for smaller withdrawal fee)
  10. Earn Bitcoin by Surfing pages or earn bitcoin by Selling membership. earn as much as 80% boosted commissions for all directly referred sales of Traffic Packages. earn 100 to 150 satoshis every 10 pages surf 1 page = 15 seconds only and SURF atleast 100 pages a day. you can also join to their group chat on facebook so they can teach you how to earn more min payout : 0.0014 btc PAYMENT PROOF (not mine) http://tinypic.com/r/300gwfd/9 Referral Links : https://infinitytrafficboost.com/otomatis / http://bit.ly/itb_otomatis Clean Link : https://infinitytrafficboost.com ---------- How To Make It Automatic? Go To https://infinitytrafficboost.com/preferences3.php And set captcha into coinhive. Download tools below, and just login with your ITB username and password. version 1.1 https://userscloud.com/u56yh1txu173 version 1.2 https://userscloud.com/9rqvulwdxkvl some users can use the version 1.1, but some others can't (have error), so try it all which can run smoothly on your pc. the tools are windows only.
  11. otomatis

    BTC Collect Pro + Automation Tools

    good luck for you too use firefox instead. chrome sometime stuck. if it's automatically, it's worth to try (for me)
  12. What is BTCCollectPro ? it's free bitcoin faucet 1-1000 sat. Every 15 min! and the great things is NO Captcha! (but most of my claim i only getting 1-80 satoshi) Minimum payout is : 0.001 btc. i'm still not reach the minimum payment. So didn't know it's paying or not. Links to register : http://btccollectpro.com/invite?i=KoSxfgHQkrEN0fpe Non ref links: http://btccollectpro.com ------------------ here is how to make it automated: 1. Install imacros in your google chrome or firefox.. 2. Go To https://btccollectpro.com/account/earnings/ 3. Run this imacros : VERSION BUILD=1001 RECORDER=CR TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:SUBMIT FORM=ACTION:https://btccollectpro.com/account/earnings/ ATTR=* WAIT SECONDS=910 4. Play this repeatedly 300000 times. and wait till you reach the minimum and try to withdraw ---------------- Nothing to lose to try it, right?
  13. otomatis

    BitLevel - First Free MLM Gaming

    hmm.. coinpot? i've thinking about adding xapo, (got suggestion from other forum) thank you sir. chatlog? online chat between members? or between teams? since it's based on mlm scripts. my team is only 2 people, and i can only online from 08:00 - 21:00 daily. i'll focus on developing some features, and my partners are an accountant to make sure site earnings keep stable.
  14. Introduction, What is BitLevel ? BitLevel is a free mlm that pays by gift. You can refer others and click on daily bonus to earn point. How Much Point earn per Ref & DailyBonus ? It depends on site earnings. Where is the links? Still on development. Not Publicly Launched. It is your site? Yes, it's my websites. I need more suggestion, what feature i need to insert into my site before launch for public? *** Website Journey / Checklist *** Bootstrap Site Theme Installed New Login Interface With Captcha Daily Bonus Button Referral Links & Landing Pages Gift Stores Instant Convertion Point To Satoshi Instant Payment by FaucetHub ... your idea here ... ... your idea here ... ... your idea here ... ...soon.... I'll try update something new here asap. The expected date to soft launch is on 31 December 2017. the main name is not BitLevel, but i like to make the script name is BitLevel.