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  1. SLOTSSAMURAI: 26,558,354,403 placed by Firstkizs on 23/07/2020 Wagered 0.40000000 Multiplier 115.5x Profit 45.80000000
  2. Want to know which are worthy games! (new 500+slots)
  3. OMG start playing Plinko! Now
  4. If I have bad signal, it will effect my games root already calculated by our inputs ? Should i worry about my bad internet ?
  5. Games that you use to relax your brain while your head is burning lol
  6. Which games you guys play when open Stake’s Bot or take a rest for this games
  7. Can I skip the cards ????? Ohnoooooo have no idea what did I throw my coins
  8. Which one you guys think is the BEST unofficial slots for you? there are so many games... if we share... dont need to take higher risk...
  9. I don’t watch any sports... so what should I play first. I think this betting doesn’t need so much lucklike slots... I’m poorer now
  10. I've tried it so many times, quite useless for me when playing slot, but very useful when play Keno