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  1. First of all no casino would give loans as they wouldn’t even make money that way and there’s weekly+monthly bonuses for a reason
  2. Limbo is good at getting your wager amount up and Dice is good if you want to give the casino all your money
  3. Winning depends on your Active Client & Active Server Seed (Hashed). If you can dehash your Active Server Seed then you can know what to bet on and win 100% of the time.
  4. Spooklol9 Good luck to all on the raffle
  5. Why did Stake ban the United Kingdom from their site
  6. I think there should just be one channel for rains and ban the rain in other channels
  7. Wow that really touched my heart. I do hope you win so your parents and your grandma can have a bit of it
  8. Stake Raffle | Lambo + $50K Total This biggest raffle ends soon and I would like to hear what you lot would do if you won the Lambo or the $1k. Please reply to this thread in this format and tell me what you would spend the 1k on or if you won the lambo would you sell it or keep it. If I won the Lambo I would sell it and give 40% to charity and help my family out (I will also keep 20% to the homeless and try and change there lives) *EDIT:* Only 7 Days until raffle ends!
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