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  1. Hey. First of all, do you mind linking the source where you saw this? I would love to know why he thinks this. Also, you might of been better off posting this in the news section Have a good day!
  2. I try not to have a lot of emotions while gambling. If you let your emotions take control of you you make stupid choices. Most of the time after I finish gambling I am done and I am happy. I gamble to blow off steam, not to win just to ball out and have fun!
  3. Mine was going to one in the real world. There is nothing like the real thing. My best time on Stake was when I hit like 4 90x multipliers in a row. It was pretty cool! Yes, losing is bad and everything but its a part of gambling!
  4. There is honestly no such thing as a "Safe" strat. You can never really predict a 100% win or loss or a way to make profit. Gambling, is well, gambling. This post does not take into effect: House Edge (the 1% stake takes on each bet. If you are on a red train for awhile back you make it back in wins, you are still net negative money) I am sure you have a higher bankroll or are betting WAY less than a decent amount to win. Strats like this are pretty boring to do, and most of the time you lose. Yes "9017677.97" losses in a row is almost statistically impossible, You will be losing to house edge and sometimes being unlucky.
  5. Hey everyone! Today I wanted to know who uses "hidden mode". And I really want to know why. I think its a cool thing that everyone in chat says good job when you win and you should not want to hide lol. Do you have your stats off? why? Just something I was thinking about today. I will start: I have none of the privacy settings enabled because I like the experience when chat hypes you up!
  6. Lol, doubling or raising your bet when you are on a losing streak is never a good idea. Especially when playing plinko, high risk high reward. i would recommend only doing something like that on Dice, and at that, doubling every loss is still an awful idea. play smart, don’t get frustrated and don’t rage bet. The worst mindset is “I AM GOING TO WIN THIS ONE! ALL IN” so avoid that
  7. Both. Good, because I can buy more. I am a LONG TERM investor. I do not believe in spending BTC or even gambling it. I am waiting for the day when the masses of the world understand its potential for the world! Bad, because the media will see it and there will be that one a*shole "I knwe it btc scam coin". We will just have to see
  8. Since this just came up in the feed, it depends. Are you able to sit ALL day and farm, do everything right 100% of the time? No. Faucets are good if you do like 100 of them aday and you always claim as fast as you can. Sadly, many faucet sites are shutting down, and this is because they just are not making the SITE money. There are still plenty of big ones and I suggest you try those for your self. Going out and getting a real job is way way way better than doing those.
  9. Not good, as far as gambling goes. So far this year, all ready some good things have happened in my life! My puppy is still healthy and happy (pictures linked) I am also doing very well in IRL work and looking to get a promotion soon! Regardless, its only 11 days in. Just gotta wait and see!
  10. That’s actually quite strange to me. It seems that excluding a game would be quite intentional to me, is there any of those weird strategies on this game that people use in races to get ahead?
  11. Hey! i always play normal. I never go for races. my main reason for this is: i don’t have the balance to compete in races. if you are not going big to win, you wont win. i have a feeling most of us here don’t have that balance lol. I played in races once and played to win the race but I ended up losing a lot to the house edge, i tried to 1.0001 payout on dice lol.
  12. I would ask on live support lol. They would be able to help you the most!
  13. No, races are only good for super super big spenders. I would try to stay away from the bigger ones because that creates more big players want to come play. if you are going to race, play in a low one, play smart!
  14. I think they are perfect where they are at! Stake has one of the best VIP programs on the earth. If they reduce the requirements it will allow more people in. That will end up making the quality of our rewards worse. And thats bad. I think that at this point it is fine and they are doing a good job!
  15. Hey! What browser and operating system are you using? Stake is built using React (an advanced JavaScript developed by FaceBook.) a lot of older browsers and operating systems do not really support the features that the Stake web application is built in. An example of this would be a React module called “Toast”. Internet Explorer and older version of Safari wont work with Toast, they cant understand how to render the function. My hunch here is that something similar is happening. Please reply to this for me to potentially offer you some help!