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  1. So as we all know Stake just increased the minimum wd and minimum tip amount by a lot especially on Doge and LTC. I believe they did this to counter Reload Farmers. I don't know if this is just temporary or not, but In my opinion this is not a win-win solution for all especially for us regular players who put money and play here. I wanna offer a solution. Only accounts that meet Deposits requirement will get reload/monthly coupons, let's say at least $20 deposits in the last 30 days. So those reload farmers which i believe most of them never even deposit or only deposit some small amount will not get reload/monthly coupon. I believe this is a win-win solution for all and $20 in a month is not that much if you are a regular player. I really hope Stake Admin can consider my suggestion. Thank You
  2. PC pastinya, di smartphone berat. mgkn hp ane yg dah gak kuat tapi selagi ada PC lebih suka main di PC :)
  3. Naaah udh abis main tenis lg nihh om.. gmn skrg? ane auto instant bet udh lumayan lebih cepet dr kemarin
  4. Iya betul om jd lambat, ane biasa roll dice pake instant bet cepet banget sekarang kayak bet biasa (kayak tanpa instant bet), jd males hunting, capek nungguinnya... 😑