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  1. Naaah udh abis main tenis lg nihh om.. gmn skrg? ane auto instant bet udh lumayan lebih cepet dr kemarin
  2. Iya betul om jd lambat, ane biasa roll dice pake instant bet cepet banget sekarang kayak bet biasa (kayak tanpa instant bet), jd males hunting, capek nungguinnya... 😑
  3. Nice Sharing bro madcoin. Keep up the good work
  4. Lol if we know what number that will come we all will be rich and dice sites gone broke instantly my highest result before this was x611k
  5. Yeah all this time i thought highest payout was x 1 million
  6. So i just rolled x 11.000.000 in limbo games. is this the max result or somebody ever got higher?
  7. I made a pledge that i will stop gambling IF i win $20000 , until now i haven't won $20k so i guess i haven't broke anything
  8. Lol i really hope not. My personal target is i will stop gambling after my bank loan is settle, that's the only thing that cause me a headache every month, i need around $15000 USD for that . once i get that money (doesn't matter from where) i promised myself that i will stop gambling
  9. Lol Gambling is not for the good future, it's supposed to be only for fun.. Yes some people make a good fortune from gambling but most people don't.. tbh i've been dicing for 3 yrs, been ups and downs but overall still in good profit, but most of my buddies don't, they've lost a bunch of money
  10. I play Limbo a lot but haven't tried instant bet, maybe will try it later