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  1. Lucky you, 5 yrs in dice world and i never had such luck
  2. The story behind my nickname was when i got some huge hit on other site about 3yrs ago (there was no Stake yet) . My buddies keeps saying "you are totally awesome", so i used that as nickname since on every site that i play, including Stake of course
  3. Well i know that changing seeds won't affect ur game much but i did it sometimes, usually i change my seed after i got a good hit, i mostly play high payout like x500 and above on dice/limbo.
  4. Yeah there is no good seed or bad seed, i still believe that everything is random. New seed means new random
  5. Lmao that's a good one, i missed the last stream coz of connection issue
  6. Naah bener, baru mau komen hal yg sama "judi online" nya mana? Gak ada disinggung sama sekali.. Kalau memang yg punya thread selidik punya selidik akhirnya tau kalo temen yg nyolong itu dia pake buat judi online harusnya disebutin biar nyambung ama judul
  7. I wanna go back to Early 2005 and prevent my parents accident, that accident changed our life 😭
  8. So as we all know Stake just increased the minimum wd and minimum tip amount by a lot especially on Doge and LTC. I believe they did this to counter Reload Farmers. I don't know if this is just temporary or not, but In my opinion this is not a win-win solution for all especially for us regular players who put money and play here. I wanna offer a solution. Only accounts that meet Deposits requirement will get reload/monthly coupons, let's say at least $20 deposits in the last 30 days. So those reload farmers which i believe most of them never even deposit or only deposit some small amoun
  9. PC pastinya, di smartphone berat. mgkn hp ane yg dah gak kuat tapi selagi ada PC lebih suka main di PC :)
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