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  1. if i hit 100% huge win. i wanna buy coffee and move gambling on another site
  2. You just need play with high risk from your first balance. If you luck you get huge, there's no chance. You get lucky or lose, if you lucky you get 10x or more from your first balance, and than safe 50% from it. Move 60% to vault.. dont try your lucky with high risk again with 40% profit, play at low risk 😂😂. cmiiw
  3. Thanks for sharing, just now i know thats house edges mean 😅
  4. ahh.. but my fav games there is limbo .. See this, on keno games your target its morr than x10. even tought you hit more than x10 just 10 times in 30 bet. And plinko its shit, you touch more than x29 its too hard. So difficult, but if your seed work at limbo. x10 its so ez. My target always x40 at limbo or its just my lucky day. At limbo its ez come ez go.. Different with plinko, you get cashback every bets lmao
  5. Ahh.. i never thinking "gambling for passive income" . Just play for fun, try am i lucky. if we won today, so hapy hit big prize, Even tought it just rolling. We lose yesterday.
  6. 🤔 oh my gosh never lucky like you
  7. yaa i know yaa i know mate, but if i hit big win.. after that i get losse maybe i wanna claw my bf.. and i won't be laughing, anyone joke. I'll claw they 😄
  8. ahh when you losse, but you still laughing lmao
  9. house edge is always related with online gambling, my experience at the first time I knew the house edge was my chance to win. Share your story / your knowledge of the house edge to help a little
  10. I think blackjack, its better than other games on stake. But sometime im as newbie on stake, i choose plinko.. just tell him about payout table, i have no idea about strategy, there is gambling site, not math games
  11. Thats true :D sometime i hit x500 just 10x spins on Slots, i bet with xrp.. and these xrp from rain XD lmao