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  1. Thats slots provider come true. Lmao
  2. I choose stake ver 2.0 ezz to use. Ver 3.0 not too bad, but so lag.. When i playing plinko. There's lots of bug. Or only in my phone? But that happened by another user. And i wanna ask, anyway. Any reason? Why stake hide every referral username on "referred user" menu pls
  3. Haha. Actually samsung, idk why i didnt interesred with iphone. But my pad and my laptop are from apple 😅
  4. I didnt sugest any gave away on our room chat. Bcz the site is so lag... Theyre broke my games Another way, for give away. Its on discord twitter choosing nunber like lottery. Meme contest..
  5. I prefer coinomi & Coinbase I have bad story, with blockchain.. Someone just took my balance, about $110 there.
  6. Limbo. Im not sure with another games... So far plinko make me so poor
  7. XRP my favorites coins... low fees, fast for transactions. About speed, its important for traders.. bcs 1 seconds can make you profit. If late and the coin price going down. You must wait again, till the price going up
  8. AliciaLee

    Love life

    I have lots of freindly gamblers on stake.. Kevin, Yordan, pawelos... My first friend's pawelos... But now, he just bored for being active here... I hope i can meet with him and few my friends someday..
  9. I just make busting my reload... coins, so lazy for cellect it
  10. Same, bcz dice have 9900 payout... But prefer limbo... Have more than 9k payout
  11. BUSTING. hahahaha free coins doesnt worth it for me
  12. Daily is better, bcz i cant active more than 5 hours there... I have to work,i have life. Should i must active 24hoursx5 for 100% my reload? 10 minutes reload is our strategy. Users didnt get it(reload) fully, what they should get. And its make benefit for the platform.
  13. Jake21 Alicia Lee Rahardja Jake/Jacob my best friend from UK, living in singapore... He's the first person teach me about gambling, told me to be a silly gambler >.<
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