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  1. Moderator told many people abused it, i joined to chat support and says that faucet deleted 6 month ago time but why? Stake do had problem with faucet? or just people stole from faucet and many successful withdrawed by faucet? or other whatever? Plz answer, i just want know what happened with faucet, i'm new user here!
  2. I need earn free cryptocurrency from other site, if you have good, please share here! i will a grateful, i want play on casino.. no faucet on stake ;/ I'll wait for your replying and please share with cool site to earn cryptocurrency. I choosed this thread, i think so here we can share link
  3. Casino and minecraft, i love minecraft - we can build new roullette, slots.. that huge world.. no limit size map, i search players to play on survival, not scam with creative lol This is a very pleasant and very good game, when you will start and you will love it! trust me! I have request if you want play with me on server with mode survival - please add me friend and sent me message private, i need friend to play in minecraft.. ;/ I don't like play solo, because i need helper to fix whatever or build Mehh.. i think there are no volunteers here.. but i have hope i will find anywhere Minecraft is the best game on forever!!!! it's a fun game! ❤️
  4. When i reach to vip diamond and i will dead after reach vip diamond lol I don't have vip and i'm new user hahahah, i have 3.23% i'm very poor person and thanks .. Wager is diffuclity, gonna to busted soon hahaha
  5. Sorry, i didn't join the stream today, i didn't have strength that why i need more relaxed.. but i have hope successful stream. The best exchange dinabot ❤️ thanks for it.. Happy brithday, more money for dinabot
  6. I recommend playing with patience than fast bets ... that's better much help than fast bets, rage bet is very short to play and very easy to bust own cryptocurrency. That why i recomment playing with patience, i play with big bet with small payout but i play careful. Good luck everyone!
  7. I voted crash.. i don't like wait when payout going up and stop, that's my reason lol. I replaced from crash to limbo - because i can play quickly than crash, but sometimes i play for a fun.. rarely i play it. Other all games are fine for me, so i can play on opition instant
  8. My goal for November: 10 friends from list friend but only vip I have 4 friends from list friend currently.. i have hope i will get more... hard to find new friend from platform stake... i like talk on private chat but not on global chat
  9. Vuek


    New casino, site looks nice with wolf https://wolf.bet?c=Vuek123 - ref link https://wolf.bet/ - pure link Good luck
  10. No, i don't take gambling seriously because i don't like to stress a lot so easy to lose. Not important i win or no.. just i play for a fun.. if i win so i can enjoy it and nothing more.. If you have problem with gamble - https://www.begambleaware.org/