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  1. yeah luckly i already do it..but still i keep a little bit of them to hodl..hehe
  2. now its happenning btc drop to 7.4k in only matter of minutes wiping $400 dragging altcoins with them..and looking at the chart it might drop to 7.2k or to really hard support line at 6.8k..if we breach that 6.8k line..idk where we gonna drop already..luckly i already tethered all my win
  3. Hi Guys.This is my first post but i already join stake for like 5+ months.. So i have an opinion,how about adding a stablecoins (USDT,USDC,TUSD..). The recent drop of BTC from 10.1k to 8k ranges really hit my stake winning amount..say that i won 0.01btc at 10k so that mean i was profit with $100..but after the price drop the profit reduced to only $80..thats a great price decrease.. Why i feel that stablecoins will be a great addition is because the price didnt fluctuate ,easier to identify how much money you won already and it would fill the gap of $1-10 range coin in stake.. Thanks for reading,and english is not my first language so dont judge me..hehehe
  4. Most of the times just to see people payout win..idk why but i feel excited whne someone got a bit payout..