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  1. i regret for not going low on an A's on Hilo when my brain says so
  2. To be honest , the symbols makes it look great , but the other stuff like u need to get a lot of connects to have a decent hit , also the old slot is way better , more chances to get free spins , more freespins, the bonus play is also boring to be honest, thats my opinion but still its not a bad slots, hope in the future they will bring more realistic and popular slots like in other websites like : sweet bonanza , dog house , book of dead, and also i would suggest some other game modes like : Game Shows ,Blackjack Live and ,Blackjack Sidebets.... That is my opinion , have a great day ever
  3. changing seeds may be effective in my opinion , i often change my seed for example when i have some loss streaks or i just got my deposit credited or any balance ready to play i first change the seed then start to play, ive seen lots of people that change their seed after 100,00+bets , i think thats a reason why they are not winning ,so i always change it when i start to gamble my balance and sometimes it might be effective bcz it changes from loss streak to win streak, happened to me tho. I just change the seed and refresh the site thats what i do. By the way i ll leave it here and , have a
  4. Im close to gold lol , and when i heard about this , i was like there is no more reasons to keep grinding and keep going for the gold rank... To be honest i am dissapointed with the VIP services and i was really speechless when i saw that they removed reload as one of the benefits being a gold rank player and moved it on to Platinum which it will be almost impossible for me, after this happened i lost hopes and i dont think i will keep going for wager anymore unless a big win leaves me Mouth opened which will send me closer to platinum or maybe to platinum who knows.... by the way best o
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