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  1. i regret for not going low on an A's on Hilo when my brain says so
  2. To be honest , the symbols makes it look great , but the other stuff like u need to get a lot of connects to have a decent hit , also the old slot is way better , more chances to get free spins , more freespins, the bonus play is also boring to be honest, thats my opinion but still its not a bad slots, hope in the future they will bring more realistic and popular slots like in other websites like : sweet bonanza , dog house , book of dead, and also i would suggest some other game modes like : Game Shows ,Blackjack Live and ,Blackjack Sidebets.... That is my opinion , have a great day everyone. Peace
  3. username : Itsmebro Green
  4. changing seeds may be effective in my opinion , i often change my seed for example when i have some loss streaks or i just got my deposit credited or any balance ready to play i first change the seed then start to play, ive seen lots of people that change their seed after 100,00+bets , i think thats a reason why they are not winning ,so i always change it when i start to gamble my balance and sometimes it might be effective bcz it changes from loss streak to win streak, happened to me tho. I just change the seed and refresh the site thats what i do. By the way i ll leave it here and , have a great luck on stake... peace <3
  5. Im close to gold lol , and when i heard about this , i was like there is no more reasons to keep grinding and keep going for the gold rank... To be honest i am dissapointed with the VIP services and i was really speechless when i saw that they removed reload as one of the benefits being a gold rank player and moved it on to Platinum which it will be almost impossible for me, after this happened i lost hopes and i dont think i will keep going for wager anymore unless a big win leaves me Mouth opened which will send me closer to platinum or maybe to platinum who knows.... by the way best of luck cheers and have a great weekend
  6. Girls he is a platinummmmmmm By the way i dont think a casino is a good place to meet your half buster , bcz ur already one so maybe you should find a girl that will stop you if u are too addicted to this bcz when 2 busters get together , god knows what there is gonna happen, maybe end up homeless or idk what to say , so i dont suggest u finding a girl OnLine at all..... thats my opinion have a great day and goodluck everyone
  7. All games are addictive here but mostly mines and hilo , for example : u ll get the wanted multiplier while playing mines and u think to click cashout and ur mind is like , let me get 1 more or 2 tiles and im good then u end up clicking the bomb lol, also hilo is the same thing when u get to the point u wanted , u ll be like like me get some more cards and i ll cashout, u ll end up getting a A,A or K,K or 2 u go high and get an A lmao Its my opinion by the way. Hilo and Mines are the most addictive games for me and a majority of players here.... Cheers.
  8. Itsmebro

    My odds of wining

    I really dont like dice game my self , i ve seen lost of highrollers bet on dice mostly and end up winning , when i always go to dice i always keep busting i dont know to be honest, dice seems like its not my game I see there is a lot of dice strategys but i never use strategy lol, my strategy is go big or go home I would rather play slots instead of dice , i love slots a lot to be honest, its my favorite game after hilo. By the way this strategy seems cool but as i told ya , i dont really use strategies , i use my thing Go big or go home Best of Luck and cheers....
  9. All could be, but it's on Stake and can be played with, if one has an opportunity to get some Ripple without buying it and have some profit out of it, then I don't see any problem here! The Sun is the main culprit if anything and it's has been quite cold recently, no joke! Not a Bitcoin mining, everything will be alright with the Planet, as for the electricity, well, you either use stuff or you don't, plain and simple Another aspect is the dumping of all those obsolete machines at places that are not suitable. There should be a way to reuse and recycle those machines, at least it will solve the issue of dumping obsolete machines in undesirable place. Fun fact i was trying to invest on XRP coin, was wondering to buy a nice amount of it and wait to grow up
  10. Races are not worth chasing in my opinion. the prizes aren't much as compared to what you will risk and bust prolly. There is only one situation that makes the races actually worth it, those are the times that you race and profited in your own game aside from the race prize. Other than that, it isn't that much interesting. It's not worth it in most cases, as the prize money is generally less than 1% of the amount you have to wager to qualify. Thus if you lose 1% as the house edge you will make a loss, even with the prize money.
  11. In my opinion, Playing Diamond Poker for Wagering is not good enough because it's like targeting 33% chance to win, 33% chance to lose, and 33% draw + there is still a chance to get a Full house with 1.5x payout. I would rather Play In Dice or Baccarat for Wagering I have never tried wagering using this game before cause I always find dice more convenient for wagering. Anyway, I may as well consider trying this game for wagering. Never got the idea before seeing this post. Thanks a lot and goodluck. never tried it but for wagering I use dice and baccarat only. You can use Limbo for wagering too but I don’t prefer it because there are many losses like 0.99x and 1.00x it comes very often and you can bust much money there, but wagering on dice you can change sides left or right so you can take lose rarer than you get on Limbo and I don’t use autobet on dice because wagering only at one side many losses will come and bust same as Limbo
  12. Wow!! That would be incredible. I love the game of chess. As a child I was fascinated trying to learn this game. Until I acquired a manual and learned to play alone. from then on, I only improved every day more. I am not one of the best in this game, but I play well to duel a few matches. And if I could play chess and make money out of it, that's great! Chess implementation could be hard, I know one project that is going to make Chess game with their tokens! So many Slots, 12, g, that's an overkill, unfortunately I have zero interest in Slots, don't feel that I do anything while playing such a game, just mindless hitting on the button, but it's just me! Hope Stake will implement as many cool games as possible in the future! At the very least it could be Chess puzzles or Chess rush! Exactly, how could I forget, Chess puzzles, and no need to care about PvP then, that could be interesting! You play puzzle and have multipliers untill you bust a puzzle, you'd have like 2-3 attempts to solve a puzzle and go to another one to get a bigger multiplier!