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  1. i regret for not going low on an A's on Hilo when my brain says so
  2. To be honest , the symbols makes it look great , but the other stuff like u need to get a lot of connects to have a decent hit , also the old slot is way better , more chances to get free spins , more freespins, the bonus play is also boring to be honest, thats my opinion but still its not a bad slots, hope in the future they will bring more realistic and popular slots like in other websites like : sweet bonanza , dog house , book of dead, and also i would suggest some other game modes like : Game Shows ,Blackjack Live and ,Blackjack Sidebets.... That is my opinion , have a great day everyone. Peace
  3. changing seeds may be effective in my opinion , i often change my seed for example when i have some loss streaks or i just got my deposit credited or any balance ready to play i first change the seed then start to play, ive seen lots of people that change their seed after 100,00+bets , i think thats a reason why they are not winning ,so i always change it when i start to gamble my balance and sometimes it might be effective bcz it changes from loss streak to win streak, happened to me tho. I just change the seed and refresh the site thats what i do. By the way i ll leave it here and , have a great luck on stake... peace <3
  4. Im close to gold lol , and when i heard about this , i was like there is no more reasons to keep grinding and keep going for the gold rank... To be honest i am dissapointed with the VIP services and i was really speechless when i saw that they removed reload as one of the benefits being a gold rank player and moved it on to Platinum which it will be almost impossible for me, after this happened i lost hopes and i dont think i will keep going for wager anymore unless a big win leaves me Mouth opened which will send me closer to platinum or maybe to platinum who knows.... by the way best of luck cheers and have a great weekend
  5. Wow!! That would be incredible. I love the game of chess. As a child I was fascinated trying to learn this game. Until I acquired a manual and learned to play alone. from then on, I only improved every day more. I am not one of the best in this game, but I play well to duel a few matches. And if I could play chess and make money out of it, that's great! Chess implementation could be hard, I know one project that is going to make Chess game with their tokens! So many Slots, 12, g, that's an overkill, unfortunately I have zero interest in Slots, don't feel that I do anything while playing such a game, just mindless hitting on the button, but it's just me! Hope Stake will implement as many cool games as possible in the future! At the very least it could be Chess puzzles or Chess rush! Exactly, how could I forget, Chess puzzles, and no need to care about PvP then, that could be interesting! You play puzzle and have multipliers untill you bust a puzzle, you'd have like 2-3 attempts to solve a puzzle and go to another one to get a bigger multiplier!
  6. Some are only here to gamble for the sake of getting out of boredom and some who deposits big time who aims for being rich. Both mentality and goal is meaningful to me. If one can make big by depositing big here then that means he will survive gambling but most people who don't find gambling as a means of getting decent money for expenses are just here to have fun and earn some while doing it. Btw too many people are addicted here and everywhere else where it says casino, and thats not a great thing bcz it can affect on your life, but the owners wont give a damn ... because they only want our money, people be losing their fortunes and ended up commiting suicide , gambling should be removed from this world . My opinion... best of luck to everyone
  7. I think this has once been suggestion quite a few times before but I believe it does not align with Stake's business model I suppose given that the owners of Stake has more than sufficient funds to keep the site running without needing investments while managing to payout big winners to the point of hundreds of Bitcoins. It's all good that Stake can support itself, but any diversification could be useful, but I get your points guys, time will tell! I couldn't find such a thread on the forum, hence created this one!
  8. I have seen some good multipliers in the chat, but i was curious as to what everyones highest multiplier they have got on here. Feel free to post the picture or just say what your multiplier was. I hit a 8500x once om hilo and was unfirtunately doing 0 bets lol... Had a bunch of those in many different games! In Dice for instance I had 990x, hit that hundy, 450x, 99x quite a few times and many more, still with low bets, quite obvious! But a few in Limbo that I didn't hit, coz I had a lower payout set, could have been a game changer, one was 40 plus k and second 20 plus k like the one above!
  9. I guess majority of the people here would want fiat currencies and stablecoins to be added at stake. I'm part of the majority as well. It's good to have other options in betting so we can take advantage if there are any big changes in the value of the crypto currencies. Beacuse when there is a new coin, its a coupon too lol its not only about usdt, we love to see more crypto here whatever it can be, and there will be because eddie said that they are working on some new crypto, so i hope there will be few in next few months, usdt is nice because its stable currency but i like to see xlm ist.
  10. lmao that sucks , but i really hope one day i found big money like u lmao. Certainly this boy remembers this to this day. A colleague of mine went through a similar situation while riding the bike. Then they shouted after him: Stop that it's the police! He almost fell off the bike with fright! .Lmfao, well I guess the kid is fine with that given the 50 cents you handed to him. Being a kid, when you get free money it's like that best thing in the world. Lol. That one was funny, this forum needs some quite humorous contents sometimes. Thanks man best of luck in the near future , peace itsmebro
  11. If I won in the lottery, I wouldn't quit it anyways and would continue to play just for kicks! Same with Stake, but let's make it 10 grand, I'd cash out and go travel to a few places I want to go and even 10 grand wouldn't make in that much fun, 50 more like it, lol! Other than that I'd continue to play here and have fun, plus with new games coming this place just ought to become more interesting than it already is, ha! 7k are alot for me, so if i win that much amount wether in raffle or in games i will quit gambling atleast for 6 months lol, i cant say for forever because this is alot of money but not enough to spend your whole life tension free from expenses only 6 months or a year i can spend with this.
  12. was talking about this with a friend the other day. Once sportsbook is released, Stake will (I think) have the widest variety of ways to gamble. I don't know what else you could want from an online crypto casino. Not to mention the fact that Stake is one of the most generous in terms of rewarding loyal players. I guess we shall see how people react, I hope to see many new members when sportsbook is ready and out. think it depends on the use function too. because if it's not useful, or say it doesn't work, I think the gamblers will leave it. they will return when they bet and produce in their original place, so this is included in the use function category as well
  13. feel like it's low key reverse psychology. The fact that we lose money makes us convinced that the next bet will be the one that will bring us the jackpot for sure. And we feel excited. I personally am not a giant fan of gambling. I am more into lottery (ethereum lottery to be specific) since I feel like there is a bigger chance to win money there. I have been playing this online lottery since it allows me to invest my cryptocurrency and win money practically every other bet (it can be something small like 002 to 0.01 on a single bet) but it's still worth a lot more when you convert them into real money. I find it's profitable and pleasurable and exciting all at the same time.
  14. I am a silver vip, i got 30$ back then but now u should get excatly 50$ in cryptocurrency of your choice, i hope u get there as soon as possible and best of luck in the near future I dont think its fix for everyone, maybe it also depends that how much fast you reached to that level, if you took months then maybe reward will be low and if you did it in few days then maybe its high, its just my opinion, because i saw many people talked about their reward and that was diffrent for most of people.
  15. I once made 0.03btc and busted, then few seconds later i got a 800 satoshi rain which i made to 0.03 again in 5 bets going allin and allin lol, i got 680x with 800sats then was going allin till i made my 0.03 back and went to sleep like a boss. But the moment i busted my heart was pumping lmao, then i was speechless when i got it back Crazy things happens there, wish u the same luck everyone..... Peace
  16. Itsmebro

    Love life

    I met plenty of nice friends here but i not expect meting the love of my life , you can hardly fall in love with someone online and then when you find out when he/she lives like far away from you , that is the thing that sucks the most, finding love of ur life its not easy , you should met it him/her in your real life, thats my opinion.....
  17. Dang what is this post lmao, here goes nothing.... Ryan Corner, Eva Notty, Alexis Texas,Britney Amber lol ....
  18. Dang thats a hot run, thats a decent amount of money made from less than 20cente , wish i will have a run like that soon. Best of luck to everyone
  19. Itsmebro

    Ripple at 10$?

    Lol if that happens im buying , ripple worth of 1000$
  20. My biggest keno hit was 390x and i was betting very low lol
  21. Omg ur a genius , i will need ya on my next sportbets lol
  22. I always like buying new coins, if a coins just appears new im buying 100$ worth of that coin so ripple is going to go hard like 10$ =1xrp
  23. This is bad to hear , also a cop on my city made the same mistake sold all of his fortune, car, house etc. Then ended up commiting suicide
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