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  1. It depends on your purpose. If you want to buy something that can wait for a paycheck, it is not worth it. But in case want to buy a car, house or need money for education, why not? And of course, it is important to choose a loan company with the lowest interest rates to overpay as less as possible (here a loan payments calculator can come in handy, I like one on https://maybeloan.com/calculators/loan-payments-calculator). I personally made the wrong choice when getting a home loan and now I'm thinking about refinancing.
  2. Sex is a very important aspect of life. This is a great way to express feelings, especially when two people love each other. As for masturbation, I read that there are cases when it causes erectile dysfunction, and these men should take pills like Generic cialis https://www.canadadrugsdirect.com/products/cialis. In my opinion, it is better to have sex with a real person than with yourself
  3. I should say, all movies mentioned here are great (I watched almost all of them). I found the way to load kodi on Firestick https://www.firesticktricks.com/install-kodi-on-firestick.html, so I watch a lot of films. It is difficult to name only one, but I choose Interstellar. This movie makes me really tense every time I watch it.
  4. I'm pretty new to Stake. I wrote about those sources that I've been using longer. I've already tried Stake and haven't faced any issues. Maybe there are more experienced users here who can reply you in more detail.
  5. Like gambling, sports betting is risky. But if you are careful and know when it is time to stop, it can be profitable. And of course, it is important to use only trusted sports betting sites https://streamingsites.com/sports-betting-sites/. In most cases I visit Bet365 and Unibet. I always get my money there, so I can recommend them with confidence.
  6. I've recently found Erased on one of anime streaming sites https://streamingsites.com/anime-streaming-sites/. I really liked it. The plot is interesting and intriguing. The series includes 12 episodes, and I don't know whether the second season will be ever released, but I do hope for that.
  7. I'm currently re-watching The Big Bang Theory on putlocker https://www.firesticktricks.com/putlocker-alternatives.html. This is the best TV show ever! I watched it several times, and when it finished, I tried to find a similar great TV series, but unfortunately, nothing can be compared to it. But who knows, maybe I'll find something really good soon ☺️
  8. I don't bet on sports much, but I do this now and then in order to try my luck. As for the sources to watch ive sports broadcasts, I can suggest looking through the list of free sports streaming sites https://streamingsites.com/free-sports-streaming-sites/. In most cases I choose LiveTV or Stream2watch.
  9. I don't think that I gamble too much. I know when it's time to stop and leave the game. Being a parent, I don't have much time for games. Speaking about money, I play for fun. And I can use syndicate casino coupons https://syndicate.casino/promotions. But of course, it is great to win at the online casinos ☺️
  10. As the price on Bitcoin has recently started increasing, most people think that it is not time to invest in it now. But the latest forecasts showed that it might reach more than $20k soon. In case you have doubts, I suggest using cryptocurrency price trackers https://cryptolinks.com/cryptocurrency-price-tracker. They help to monitor and analyze the price. Personally I think that the price will increse next year, but I'm not sure it will stay high long.
  11. I guess, there are great movies in all genres. The only one genre I don't like is horror as I prefer watching movies that make me feel relaxed. In most cases I choose comedies, but my wife is a big fun of fantasy films, I think, that is why I like Harrty Potter and The Lord of the Rings ☺️
  12. I love both cats and dogs and have a cat and a dog at home.
  13. I use Meizu M3Note and I really like it.
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