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  1. Trying to recover soon will just ended you up for busting more. Recovering can takes time, you can have that lucky day that you can recover all your losses. Sometimes i switch to other games to recover or will let pass the losses and try another strat.
  2. Tried for the last minute. "God Gave Me You" Username: Moiyah https://m.starmakerstudios.com/d/playrecording?app=sm&from_user_id=3377699723795260&is_convert=true&recordingId=3377699726413253&share_type=copyLink Already shared it on twitter.
  3. I won't deny it. I did some loan from my coworker, she's also a stake gambler. Although ive got some profits out of it before, i bust it instantly afterwards. And that's a lesson learned from me that never ever get some loan just for gambling. to bust with your own money is better than busting other's money and repay it afterwards.