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  1. Dear Kelly Kuntz in 5 years, Wow, you survived! You didnt slip on a piece of ice in the kitchen or have any unfortunate accidents, I"m impressed. I bet you finally look your age now and probably something like mom, and if you don't yet, I'm sure everyone really hates you for that now. Things really have taken off in your career, namely the part where you no longer need one after you won that 10 BTC in limbo when you finally hit that 500000x that was really intense. FOrtunately the only people that knew about it thanks to ghost mode were you and Eddie, and it sure is great you got over you
  2. Kuntzkoin - Kuntz is a mashup of my first name which is kelly and my last name which ends in **untz and also my username everywhere used to be kgruntz which people shortened to calling me kuntz for obvious reasons and i just think that would be a hilarious name for a craptocurrency haha Kuntz Koin! also it reminds me of the name of a retro video game or maybe a shady laundromat haha
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