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  1. Maybe now everyone can stop calling me bro haha just kidding
  2. I would have to disagree and agree with both sides, and say that I feel like sports gambling is definately a skill based activity, and for SOME persons I don't think it's really gambling at all. Where I am from they have legalized horse racing and I even used to work at an establishment that facilitated bets on the races, and the sports enthusiasts that would bet had a lot of knowledge (usually) about what they were betting on. The only time i feel like it may be gambling is when someone has no knowledge. For example, i am in the fantasy league promotion but i have no idea who i am even betting on and no prior knowledge of the sport or teams lol I am gambling. But other poeple in the group knew going into it which teams to bet on because they know of the sport and didn't pick a random team that sounded kind of familiar ha. That's my opinion.
  3. I think the only way to profit from racing is probably to play a safe dice strategy with a fairly large balance to start with, but no I don't think that the amount usually lost is compensated by the reward, I'm sure that a majority of the "Hidden" users that win the race probably don't even know that they are racing lol. The first time I ever placed in a race it was because I had no idea i was racing and I thought i was betting doge but was betting xrp (go ahead and laugh it's funny lol) and after winning and losing about 150 xrp i got into 80th place and the reward was 1 xrp. That being said I do however feel almost as though sometimes my chances of winning or at least holding steady with my balance do seem to be increased during race time but that is most likely superstition ha!
  4. I am beginning to feel like I picked the incorrect team lol
  5. I am a girl! Nobody ever knows that though idk why lol. Thank you and hope you have good luck!!
  6. personally i just never quit until I get a mine which will always happen lol
  7. Kuntzkoin


    HI there! Welcome to stake and I hope you make bronze vip very soon and have fun playing!!
  8. Haha oh my gosh now I get it! yes we have met somewhere before
  9. Hi welcome to stake! I hope you win big and have fun!
  10. Thanks guys for all of the welcoming comments!