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  1. Osh

    Hi all

    Good luck. Maybe try lots of low risk dice rolls to boost your wagers
  2. Always try to play with your own money. Loaning money to gamble will undoubtably cause you more financial problems. Good luck
  3. LOVE Stake 3 it's so much better having the choice. Thought of am idea for dice. Maybe to be able to bet on a certain number - that would be cool. Difficult obviously to win it but sometimes when you have the "feeling" for a certain number be good to back it up and hopefully win big New games are amazing especially slots. Looking forward to even more. I've played every day since the launch!
  4. Osh

    Hi all

    Awww thanks guys
  5. Interesting.....tell me more. I mostly go for the random 50/50 button press on dice.
  6. Osh

    Hi all

    Thanks Rade, appreciate the welcome
  7. I absolutely LOVE Stake 3. Amazing! Really happy with it.
  8. Osh

    Hi all

    Hi, been playing for a little while now - shot up to plat 3 - had a bit of a break after some big losses but I'm now back. Love the new Stake and thought I'd say hi to everyone. So.....HI
  9. Osh

    I love Dice, do you?

    Was just saying same thing in chat. I love dice it's so fast with big losses and big wins. Even with all the new amazing slots and other games - always come back to dice
  10. Hi, I just leave mine now. Luck is luck