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  1. thebol welcome back Eddie hope you had a good break. Good luck everyone in race! 🔥🔥😊😊 RED 😍😍
  2. thebol good luck all and happy new year!!
  3. thebol good luck in race everyone
  4. thebol Please pick me levelled up recently good luck in race everyone! purple
  5. thebol good luck Eddie and all racers 🍀
  6. LIMBO: 30,544,594,865 placed by thebol on 29/10/2020 Wagered 2.68435456 Multiplier 100x Profit 265.75110144 casino:30609331623
  7. thebol Good luck everyone 🤑
  8. thebol good luck Eddie PURPLE
  9. Stake is the best online casino without doubt. Best bonuses, best VIP hosts, nice chat and huge selection of games. Been playing online for many years and played at pretty much every casino. Stake is unbeatable in my opinion
  10. Username: thebol Good luck everyone :)
  11. username: thebol Amazing crazy time win last week Edd. Well done!!
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