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  1. My biggest failure: Previous 4 years I was in a relationship with a girl. First 2 years were good but then slowly everything started to get worse, I always used to stay depressed and I used to lock myself in my room. I didn't went out to meet anyone I couldn't stay focused on my studies or any other activity. This depression was killing me from inside because I didn't wanted to leave her but things were only getting worst no matter how much I try. I failed in my exams and I used to think about ending my life. Biggest Success: Few months ago we broke up and It was really hard at the
  2. Thanks for this ❤️ I will definitely donate some when I get profit through this bot
  3. Back in 2019 I lost all my funds and stopped playing but now in 2020 I am back made couple of deposits and this time I made some profit and I hope that I'll keep making profit and I'll not get bust this time.
  4. I have never used a VPN but a guy I know uses it. So yeah, you can use a VPN. BTW he use a free VPN (Windscribe).
  5. I would buy myself a new house and car and I would give my parents a better lifestyle. I would help poor and needy people personally with it and I would give some amount in different charities. In last I would reserve some in crypto and deposit some on stake to make profit from it 😜
  6. Back in 2019 I also used to lose every time and I left it in the same year but now I am back a week ago and I am making some profit this time. I hope I'll make more profit than deposits this time. BTW gambling depends on luck.
  7. futuresoft786

    Dice Win

    I also only play Dice. Good Luck Mate 😊
  8. Hi Rade. The only thing in new update I didn't liked is that the notification icon has moved in the dropdown section. It should be out of dropdown section and placed alongside account icon.
  9. My dream job is to be a Software & Web developer and I am trying to achieve my dream job. I have already created 2 web apps and it is really fun job for a computer worm like me. I hope i'll become an expert in it. ❤️
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