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  1. Good article, well done! I think that the players who have been playing for a long time have been roughly focused on the same thing. I want to especially note that this is the speed of autobet on a dice! I think this is not right in relation to the players. because everyone has their own system in the game, someone has lucky numbers or combinations. but at this speed you just don’t understand anything. and after pressing the stop, sometimes it can scroll 2-3 times. it would be ideal if he had 2 or 3 speed modes. this would be convenient when testing a strategy.
  2. привет всем игрокам! я хотел бы вопрос обсудить по поводу вознаграждения. только самый гоавный рейс нормально платит... хотя вы сравнивали хоть раз сколько накручивает тот же v6turbo??? и в соотношении его ставок эти 0.036 и не так много??? на мой взгляд,лучше реже но больше. или я не прав?