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  1. I came to crypto in 2016 and caught the most successful bitcoin growth time. For all time, 1,5 bitcoins circulated through my wallet, if you count at the current price. But in 2018, I did not hold the position. Now is the time to recover.
  2. As you can see, October ends on a green candle, no one can predict sharp jumps of 3,000 points. This pendulum is rotated by those who know perfectly well that forecasting a course is a waste of time.
  3. The number of cryptocurrencies and crypto-wallets is constantly growing, today all this cannot burst like a soap bubble. In fact, everything is just beginning and in the future, cryptocurrency will increasingly penetrate our lives.
  4. Whatever decision you make, in any case, Bitcoin has enough potential for growth. Even now, if it falls to its previous position, its price will return to high levels again and again.