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    Muczak reacted to evet in Limbo, higher bet or target?   
    I'd like to mix it up doing low bets and hunting higher payouts but then if I dont hit then I'll recover a little bet using low payout with bigger bet amount. Then start hunting again. 
  2. Thanks
    Muczak reacted to Dp10011 in Limbo, higher bet or target?   
    It depends a lot on the balance. If I have a lot I prefer a 100x payout and bet more. With a small balance I prefer to increase the payout and bet little.
    I think it works better that way.
    I have experienced limbo and I have had great results in that game.
  3. Sad
    Muczak got a reaction from htetaungxx in Nice strategy for 10/10 numbers. (safe, wagering and profit)   
    Hit 500x on that then busted unfortunatly. For me that strategy wasnt good
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