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  1. I Involve in gambling from long time like 4-5 years (but very less often its like fun) but gambling like this casinos with currencies started in last year jun 2018. (on large scale for real earning) Till now only my real brother know i m doing gambling. I m doing gambling in from of my parents but they not much educated and don't aware what i m doing on internet. (most often i don't play any card games when they around me) And even i don't tell any friend or family member about it.
  2. Always fear of loss keep coming while i trying to recover loss. while playing in start there is no fear.
  3. I new here on stake but not new to gambling. I also feel lots of bad days and weeks. As per me we only have few days lucky in entire month just like 5-7 days i.e just like 1 week and rest entire month is just like loss days. and even in that 5-7 lucky day i m able to complete my target.
  4. there is no any new release of games but sports book will release soon.
  5. Its not only on Stake.com but also on every gambling website BCH used so much less. Bch is not most used coin by user. user dont like because of its transfer time. (Slow on network)
  6. Right New chat rooms coming for sports. Really feeling excited for Sports betting. But don't know use of addition chat rooms.
  7. Yea but there no Diamond star play i saw till now. so there is no need to make any such chat room as of now..
  8. Right, Stop on Profit or Loss option not given in Plinko. it might help us play for longer without hesitation to loss entire balance.
  9. There need to another chat as per levels like -Bronze and above -Silver and above -Gold and above -Platinum above 4 extra chat rooms can be classified as per lever
  10. This is totally ur mistake. U don't have target so u keep playing until u loose all coins. This is gambling where we need to keep withdrawing after making good profit. above u mentioned u made 40 dogecoin to 50k and 70 dogecoin to 55k. (thats really nice ) whats ur target for withdrawal. (1 million doge or 0 doges) if u not withdrawing even after reaching 50k doges means u want 0 doges, correct ??
  11. gambling is based on pure luck if you want unimaginable profit. But u can win small profit on day to day basis with ur strategy. Video poker is really nice game but here u need luck only, no strategy work here.
  12. Gambling is game of uncertainty, i saw some really good winning streak as well as worst losing streak. Winning streak - all 5 bets wins in 5 bet on 100 x. worst stat (not streak but worst) - 7 losses in 11 bets on 1.01x
  13. Slots is really good in design but for payout concern its worst. slot is balance eater. Very less chance to get big multiplier. we can expect 20-40x hit after getting bonus round which also rare.
  14. LOL, Never miss such stupid thing. Eddie is owner don't u think he need to take part in everything even after having enough staff.. Even all staff is very good...
  15. To get affiliate is not easy task. If u are blogger or youtuber and u are popular enough to attract audience. (this would beneficial to u for affiliate) otherwise referring to friends and families will not work. (and even we feel awkward to refer gambling websites)