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  1. Future Bank Offering 6000 satoshi Daily

    without any fee? @Furlicious
  2. Stake Stream number 8! Ez Money? Giveaways!

    goodluck @kulegutten
  3. SashaKarpik Stream #2 STAKE Giveaways!!!

    goodluck @StrikeBALL hope you win big..
  4. its not possible, since there will be a potential alt coin also, so very soon, so basically it makes the market cap going sideways...
  5. New DASH coin faucet

    The fruit of my referral commisions i love litecoins, thats why i mind mining litecoins everyday... And in bitcoins, try to do this in bitfun.co click the "Offers" button And then click "Super Rewards" here you can do their surveys also their task, they will give you a free sats, winthin 30 minutes, if you did it right... Coinpot is very good guys when it comes to faucet mining.. wiithin 3-4 months you can get like this, of what i have today..
  6. Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    me and my father always go to the real casino, my father really loves to play baccarat there, on me, is a slot machine but unfortunately, we busted at the same time... trying to recover but nah, no chances, thats why i left real casino, and i tried web casino and it looks like i have most potential to win some.
  7. Whats going on with electroneum?

    you actually needed to change your primary email add and also your secondary email add together with your password.
  8. Whats going on with electroneum?

    they put an update in this blog, so please check this out, https://electroneum.com/2017/11/21/electroneum-update/
  9. Future Bank Offering 6000 satoshi Daily

    its like a faucet site i guess. well faucets are good, it will last long, other than a cloud mining site.
  10. Never Pee Before Sex

    Simple, never pee before sex, do it after, lol, Anyways these are one of the girl's strategy on how to prevent pregnancy, never pee before sex just hold it after you guys done, doing an activity. Safety first is a MUST!
  11. Bring me Game

    Bring me: A Demon Magician
  12. Who's your bet? (A funny japanese game show)

    ahahaha yeah so funny of him, but unfortunately he loss the game ;D
  13. Who's your bet? (A funny japanese game show)

    you start naked @Han2x hahahaha