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  1. Grifter

    Never Pee Before Sex

    yeah i agree with your statement, and i admit, i have done this so many times, so its very effective ,
  2. Grifter

    Never Pee Before Sex

    @Darko please take note of this
  3. so if you like the way, you busted that much, now baby you should go and get some sleep!
  4. hello Justin Pink ;D nice song by the way
  5. So 2018 is the year of the dog. If we put a "Dog" word into our names, its either from the start or at the end of your names, what would it be?
  6. yes exactly what blockchain meant to be so soon, blockchain is very important to us right now, and there are many people still don't know what blockchain use to be in our daily needs... So this will be the basic principle of what blockchain use to be!
  7. 9 mines for me now, good profits, just click 3 tiles and cash out...
  8. Grifter

    Never Pee Before Sex

    haven't you tried this kind of technique? hokage moves
  9. whats with the lightning teeth? my grandfather use to have that one before, he didnt gave it. until he dies ;(
  10. i voted for 24 mines, stupid rich i always hit the 1 diamond thats why...
  11. Grifter

    Never Pee Before Sex

    ahahahahaha this cute little turtle though
  12. you did really good job @Brais