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  1. i got 6 days of bad luck and a day of good one but i aint no balls to bet high just like the others that way i turn my good luck to bad luck..just enjoy playing time comes you will notice you are hitting most of your bet are green..goodluck
  2. theres also other best gambling site that offers good like stake..the only thing that can make u stay on stake is the friendly invironment good support and you can also talk to owner unlike any other site..
  3. that is called crazy risky bet..i did it one and lost on 9 spin..the second time i put a multiply by 200x on loss and ended getting 2x red i never do it again..too risky
  4. my hobby is also playing in gambling his the one who encourage me to play on stake..its not bad if your family or friends gamble as long as you only gamble what you can afford to lose..
  5. i think its all about seed bcause you can get higher multi when you regularly change your seed..but there are also days that even 11x multi is harder to hit will give you 20x red before hitting 11x..so better be patient..
  6. if i win big pay out like v6turbo did i will do is take a vacation with my family..you can buy anything with money but u cant buy a loving family..spend time with them is the best way to spend yoùr money..
  7. hunting big pay out is better than 1.1x..what would i do if i hit that then its time to widraw chill and have some fun..
  8. I have seen a mod that once hit that 1000000x but for me hunting that pay out is hard you need a more luck to hit that but i seen on challengge they hit it with only less than 100 rolls..its hard to hit for me need big balance so gud luck on huntting.
  9. SantaClaus88


    I once hit 500x in slot and never been repeated i think slots is getting all my balance for payback time.slot eats more than what u want to hit like 100 rolls for 15x win so better look for another one to bet than be frustrated in straight reds.when luck hit u you can take it all back what u bust..
  10. Gambling fpr everyday makes my stress go away..but gambling sometimes get me stress more haha..i take gamble regularly depend also on my salary haha..gamble responsible..
  11. I love keno so much. After I've tried limbo i really like it too 😀😄
  12. Best support ever... I really like this team because they response immediately and super approachable. More power guy's. God bless
  13. As of now mining crypto isnt profitable network hash get lower and will get lower after btc halving on may..you can only binefit on mining if btc back to 15k usd..
  14. my weakness is when i lost much i lost my temper and go all out and end with busting..