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  1. A warm welcome tamara..Have a great day cheers 😘😘🥰
  2. HUKLOBAN: A witch who could kill anyone simply by pointing a finger at her and without using any potion. She could destroy a house by merely saying so. The Hukloban appear as a very old, crooked woman. Hello stakers, Happy Halloween!
  3. good luck and thank you oleg my twitch username: namisan09 my stake username:SantaClaus88
  4. May christmas be right and merry to all of you.May Santa bring joy and happiness to all not only this Christmas but the intire year..There is only one i can wish this Christmas its "YOU"...Merry xmas Stake Family..
  5. please also add Not all boy are really boys some of them are gheys..
  6. i got 6 days of bad luck and a day of good one but i aint no balls to bet high just like the others that way i turn my good luck to bad luck..just enjoy playing time comes you will notice you are hitting most of your bet are green..goodluck
  7. theres also other best gambling site that offers good like stake..the only thing that can make u stay on stake is the friendly invironment good support and you can also talk to owner unlike any other site..
  8. that is called crazy risky bet..i did it one and lost on 9 spin..the second time i put a multiply by 200x on loss and ended getting 2x red i never do it again..too risky
  9. my hobby is also playing in gambling his the one who encourage me to play on stake..its not bad if your family or friends gamble as long as you only gamble what you can afford to lose..
  10. i think its all about seed bcause you can get higher multi when you regularly change your seed..but there are also days that even 11x multi is harder to hit will give you 20x red before hitting 11x..so better be patient..
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