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  1. If I had a time machine I would go back to ~2004 when a friend and I had the idea (but never fulfilled) to begin investing in companies that would manufacture parts for electric cars. And aside from the obvious trope of going back to have more money, I also would be very fond to go through time having in depth long form conversations with some of history's greatest minds. Maybe to hear what Einstein's last words were (they fell on deaf ears, as he spoke his dying words in german to a nurse who only spoke english)
  2. Scarab's Secret, or Scarab's Score, or Pharaoh's Fortune
  3. I hit 2k usd tonight hunting the 1077x with 0.0001btc bets
  4. Dougan330

    Mines money Strat

    I find the 1077x from 10 mines 10 diamonds to be pretty reliable overall for ~200 bets Those were within half an hour of each other, the second one hit on the 16th bet.