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  1. Samurai Power ⚔️🏹
  2. If you play with a low balance, in my opinion it will be better for you to aim for profit with that balance, instead of hunting race which is require high wager for higher reward.
  3. Thank you for the information, will check for it as soon as possible!
  4. That is an interesting strats! But I'm not fan of low payout because it will busted me when i got too much losing streak.. Anyway you can also try my Limbo strats, i'm starting with 29 XRP and ended up with 184.5 XRP, which in total I'm profit 155.5 XRP! Here are the video of it :
  5. I always deposit with balance equal to $10 - $30 , my betting session are mostly 2 hours or more, since I used low base bet and high payout (mostly doing 100x on Dice / Limbo) . I stop my bet session whenever i've multiple my balance into 2-4 times then withdrawing it
  6. This is one of many ways to hit 500x, if you able to get 5 scatters, you will get 500x !
  7. My longest lose streak on 90% winning chance are 4 times in a row, it's kinda minblowing to see number under 10 four times in a row like that.
  8. If I win a big amount of money from gambling, i will put 50% from it for an investment, both on crypto and real life investment. And I will spend the 50% rest to fulfill my daily needs and also buying my own house.
  9. Hello there! o/ First of all, thanks so much to you for clicking and checking this Topic I want to share to you guys about my crypto related Youtube Channel, it's mainly about Crypto, Gambling, Betting Strategy, especially Stake. Here are the link : Come and check it out! Feel free to comment if you have any question / thoughts about my video Disclaimer : All betting in any forms involves risk. Be aware and accept this risk before betting. Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. No "safe" betting system has ever been devised and no one can guarantee pro
  10. Karen


    Well it's a common thing if we feel bored because it's not paying that much meanwhile we do a lot on that betting. But you need to know, amount of Lines also affecting your Payout. The lower the Lines, it will give you a lower chance to hit something but will do more bigger payout for the outcome.
  11. Yes that is true for me. Gambling has even become a life changing for me, I'm still remember my first time gambling are borrowed $10 from my sister and gamble it, i know that was not a good thing to do, but i did it. Now here I am, i managed to buy my own PC from those $10, become a content creator also able to collect money at home because of it. And until now I'm still gambling especially on Stake in a daily/weekly basis.
  12. Halo bang, ketika saya coba join katanya Link invalid / has expired. Apakah sekarang link nya sudah diganti lagi ya? Dan apakah grupnya yang ini @stakeroomindo ? Terima kasih sebelumnya Telegram saya : @koko_fahmi
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