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  1. MINES: 11,428,235,629 placed by TheFinalizer on 12/11/2019 Wagered 0.00015000 Multiplier 113.8499984741211x Profit 0.01692750
  2. DICE: 11,263,359,974 placed by TheFinalizer on 09/11/2019 Wagered 0.00125000 Multiplier 1.010200023651123x Profit 0.00001276 here it is
  3. Mine it is the fastest i think, but once that bomb streak rolls in you lose it fast too
  4. Your welcome haha more rains to come to keep it fun haha
  5. Its all on the seed and the timing, just gotta take time to study the pattern and start small first. Remmeber the patterns alway change so gotta focus.
  6. Its all about strategy and luck too, the bigger bankroll u have the easier for u to make it compare to people with limited bankroll. I can do $100 bet dice 1.0102 and would be 1st easily, but there is risk to factor into it too so its all about strategy and wits haha
  7. I am new as well and i think this by far the best site for me too.
  8. participating in each race is all different, sometimes the $1k race top 1 is like 14btc but last week's $5k mega race top 1 was 9btc so I would rather play in the $5k race than the $1k race. more profits and better payouts. but it all depends on the bankroll
  9. i'd rather stick with low multiplier and work up slowly. If you bet big and get low multiplier is the same as betting small and hopefully one day you will hit big like Faris haha.
  10. Hi guys, My name is Timothy (TheFinalizer) this is probably the first time im writing a post on any crypto gambling site because I didn't think it would be this worthwhile. But I am wrong after I experienced stake and this community. Nice and fast support service unlike any other that I played on not going to name any sites. I sometimes think myself as a highroller (reach Plat after a few days) but compare to some other gamblers on here i'm still behind them a lot. It is really nice to get to chat with everyone and hopefully I will make a lot of profit so I can make it rain like I do on other sites.
  11. hit a big payout, take a break. don't keep going if you do it will just take it all back.
  12. I know how you feel man, once u get into this its hard to get out. You just gotta find a way to work around and make profit from it. Control and Calmness is everything in this
  13. what I would recommend is have a set goal and do sessions, try not to go overboard. lets say if u want to get $200/day or $100. s split it out into sessions. each sessions make 5-10$ and stop take a break. withdraw whatever profit u make into vault or to another wallet and keep trying. but don't rage too much haha