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  1. it's high time you all try this out. i had always wonder how people make money from trading bitcoin. I watch several videos online until i came along one with so much recommendation comment of mr benjamin Jackson. I reach out to him and he gave me the best tips to excel in the world of Crypto. And in just 2 months of trading. i have made more gains that i can cover imagine 2BTC to 10 Btc all thanks to his Strategic scheme for trading. You all can reach out to to him trough his hangout and mail. Good luck every one
  2. About the strategy im going to be using my 2.5x with 86% increase on loss method. Im going to be playing with XRP (ripple) but they have a ton of difirrent crypto's to use. lets get started.i will start with a much higher base bet then normal because my balance is 0.5 XRP and with ETH i start with 0.005 so much higher balance im starting with here..
  3. thank you for the information. nwebie here. how to start or earn daily for a coins
  4. newbie here. how to start earn coins in forums?