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  1. I played plinko and hit the x1250. I won 2.9 btc in one game, it was the best
  2. I had about 10 and I was very happy)))
  3. Work with those who share your image of the ideal company and the beliefs on which the business will be based. If one plans to organize production, and the second - to resell goods from China, most likely, nothing good will come of such a partnership.
  4. Before you start playing for real money in a casino, the player has a difficult choice: which club to go to. Cash games can bring both joy and a pleasant aftertaste, as well as disappointment. The casino chosen has a very big influence on your attitude. Somewhere they quickly withdraw money, support helps with problems, a lot of interesting games, and in another room a couple of dozens of boring slots and withdrawals within a month. Therefore, reviews of casinos from real people is the best way to decide on a casino if you want to play for money with payouts, and not in a demo mode.
  5. There is a saying that: "If you give the Russian person even the slightest prospect for the future, he will certainly take a loan." And no wonder - it really is.
  6. Well, I will say this, I know many types of gambling. I also play many of these species, but not always for the sake of profit. Sometimes just to relax.
  7. Gambling can so enthrall a person that he can be sure of victory and put at stake everything that he has. However, what is the price of losing? It can be very, very big.